Montego 450

The Montego is the top of our range. An architectural home that is hard to compare. A home that, when mixed with premium acreage land, provides the catalyst for a fantastic lifestyle.

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Montego House Design Skillion Facade

Homes with the Montego bloodline are never built the same way twice – they transcend the hum-drum repetitiveness of suburban homes and demand freedom to grow around your parcel of acreage land and along with your family’s unique lifestyle.

Given correct orientation, the comfortable Montego has an excellent environmental pedigree, designed to bring you the warming sun and fresh breezes of a morning and protectively shade and cool its family during hot summer afternoons.

Montego 450 Classic Floor Plan

Due to differing State and Local Government regulations, plans may vary slightly to suit local requirements.

Depending on what form your Montego takes, what personality you create with the finishes inside and how you finish the gardens and pool areas – you could reasonably expect to invest anywhere from 500k to 850k in your Montego home.

Take the first step today towards a lifestyle that dreams are made of. Talk to us about “Your Montego”.

Montego 450 Façade Options

  • Montego 450sqm Home - Classic Facade
  • Montego 450sqm Home - Mountain Facade
  • Montego-450-Skillion-Facade

Montego Gallery

  • Montego 450 home Skillion - front
  • Montego 450 home Skillion - front entry
  • Montego 450 home Skillion - exterior
  • Montego 450 home Skillion - front gate
  • Montego-skillion-5
  • Montego 450 home Skillion facade - outside
  • Montego skillion bathroom and shower
  • Montego skillion study nook
  • Montego skillion kids bedroom
  • Montego skillion teenage bedroom
  • Montego-skillion-20
  • Montego-skillion-18
  • Montego-skillion-17
  • Montego-skillion-16
  • Montego-skillion-15
  • Montego-skillion-14
  • Montego-skillion-13
  • Montego-skillion-12
  • Montego-skillion-11
  • Montego-skillion-10
  • Montego-skillion-9
  • Montego-skillion-25
  • Montego-skillion-24
  • Montego-skillion-19
  • Montego-skillion-7
  • Montego-skillion-6
  • Montego-skillion-28
  • Montego-skillion-27
  • Montego night

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