More Land, More Homes

More Land, More Homes

As predicted, the opening up of land across a number of estates throughout Toowoomba has certainly sparked building demand this year.

We spoke to Patrick Neville from Stroud Homes Toowoomba about how it has affected the market.

“There’s definitely been a pick up and change in the market up here lately,” he says.

“There’s a lot more land becoming available for people to build on, so there’s a lot more choice which is great.”

That choice means people looking to build can consider both where they want to live and what they want to live in, rather than just making do with the land that’s available.

“The Avoca range has been very popular so far this year, an average block size home.”

A modest size design, the Avoca is a great house for in town, utilising open living areas and large windows to create a bright, airy home in a compact space, all while still fitting in walk in cupboards, large ensuite bathroom and even a media room.

Meanwhile, for larger plots of land just outside of town, people have been looking at acreage designs, particularly the Kentucky range.

These acreage home designs have a large living area in the middle of the home, with a master bedroom and ensuite at one end, and bedrooms 2, 3, 4, and sometimes even 5 at the other end of the property.

While Stroud Homes provides a full list of high-quality, standard inclusions, Patrick says a lot of Toowoomba home buyers are opting for a few other upgrades.

“Things like ducted air conditioning, solar energy, and even the standard lighting upgrade.”

Solar panels in Toowoomba, ideally north facing, can generate solar irradiation levels up to 5.17 kilowatt hours per square metre daily.

All these changes and additions are still available with the properties in Toowoomba’s house and land packages, so why not have a browse at what’s available.

If you’re looking to build in Toowoomba this year, drop into the display centre or the display home, and have a chat with Patrick and the team about what you want in your dream home.