Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids

Moving with children can be quite stressful at times and they may find it hard to settle. It’s not uncommon for children’s behaviour to change during a move.

We thought we would provide a few points on how to ease the strain during your move and how to make it all run as smooth as possible.

Take the kids on site visits

Here at Stroud Northern Rivers we offer 5 site visits with our site supervisor, it’s a great opportunity to bring the kids along to visit the new house and familiarise them with the area.

Not only do we have site visits but we also have i-detect cameras set up on every job site 24/7 for you to access and watch!

Get children involved in decision making

It’s a great idea to involve your children with the moving plans. Organise a family meeting and if the kids are old enough even involve them on some of the decision making as well.

Keep their favourite toys out for as long as possible and keep all your favourite family items accessible straight away for comfort and even let your kids write on the boxes so everyone knows what is inside.

Involve your children in the packing, let them pack the non – fragile items.

Explore your new area

If you are moving to a new town/area do some research with your kids to see what exciting opportunities the town offers.

When moving to a new town remind your children that family and friends can come visit and you can keep in touch via technology.

Stay calm and ask for help

It’s very important to try and stay calm during the process, if your kids pick up on your anxiety it may cause them to worry. Try to make it a great adventure and as exciting as possible.

At your new home use a night light until they adjust to the change. Even keeping the bathroom light on for a week or so.

Remember it’s okay to ask family and friends for help when moving and accept all offers to take some stress off your shoulders.