Multi-Generational Housing Options in Ipswich

Multi-Generational Housing Options in Ipswich

Stroud Homes Granny Flat Options

The concept of the multi-generational house is nothing new – it has been a common living arrangement for many centuries.

But the flexibility of modern house design and construction has in more recent years dramatically changed what people can expect from the family home.

A now rather common way of housing grandparents or adult children is adding a granny flat to your existing home, either attached or stand alone.

Stroud Homes Ipswich has a wide selection of standard granny flat designs to choose from, both attached and standalone, and can even custom design a granny flat to suit your exact needs.

Kentucky 260 & Granny Flat Floor Plan

The Kentucky 260 plus attached granny flat

Styles & Layouts

“We have dozens of standard granny flat designs, available in both stand alone and attached options,” says Stroud Homes Ipswich Marketing Associate Byn Glyde.

“There are options starting at under 50m2 with a single bedroom, all the way up to multi-room layouts.”

Most of Stroud Homes granny flats can comfortably fit a couple. The features range in each design, but typically they all come with at least one bedroom, bathroom, laundry, kitchen and a living/dining room.

Browse some of Stroud Homes Ipswich designs below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Stroud Homes Ipswich’s current granny flat range, the team can also custom design a plan to suit what you’re looking for.

A selection of our attached granny flats

Attached or Stand Alone

When deciding to house multiple generations on the same block, you’ll have to look at what granny flat option – attached or stand alone – will suit you and your family’s needs the best.

“Attached granny flats can be great for when you still want to be close to your family in the granny flat, but each still want their own space, and can be great for older parents or an assisted living style situation,” explains Ben.

“Stand alone granny flats provide the privacy and comfort of your own space, but come at the cost of typically being more expensive to build.”

Not all designs work well with a granny flat, and there definitely are a lot of planning requirements to consider.

You should always have a chat with your new homes consultant, and they may suggest having a sit down meeting with a town planner to ensure everything is being done correctly.


If you are interested in learning more about Stroud Homes Ipswich granny flat options, don’t hesitate to give the team a call on 0447 787 683.

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