Multi-Generational Living Designs

Dual-Living Trends

In a tougher housing market, more and more young people are opting to stay longer with their parents than before.

But there’s also another trend on the rise where baby boomers are moving back in with their adult kids for ease and the convenience of having family close. These trends have now generated a greater need for dual-living homes.

We speak to Gold Coast home builder Nathan Dunn about the different design options when looking to merge generations of your family together under one roof.

Moving in with family

“We are finding this situation is gaining popularity,” says Nathan. “Probably in response to financing constraints and housing affordability pressures.”

Nathan thinks some other reasons people are opting to move in together with family, besides the financial benefits, are to get help with child minding when deciding to expand, or if there’s a family member with mobility and/or health issues.

Nathan says he has also built additional housing for clients where “the great nomad of the family” is on the road a lot, but still want to have a low-maintenance home base to come back to. “It makes a lot of sense,” says Nathan.

New Kentucky 484 Acreage Design (coming soon) with attached Granny Flat

Stroud Homes options

For people considering moving family in to their new home, Stroud Homes offers a range of home designs to ensure privacy is still reached between all parties. You can choose between their many duplex designs, dual occupation designs and plans with attached or detached granny flats.

“Essentially, we have well-thought-out plans already configured, but subject to individual needs we can work with our clients to bolt on a granny flat to predominantly any one of our standard designs,” explains Nathan.

Acreage Design with attached Granny Flat

The greatest challenge when adding a granny flat to a Stroud Homes design, according to Nathan, is to make sure it’s in keeping with the existing or proposed house, and that it of course needs to meet the code requirements of the local council involved and state planning scheme.

Nathan says the team at Stroud Homes Gold Coast make sure to engage the professionals early with all of these types of projects in order to get the specific facts surrounding your intended build to you from the start.

One-bedroom attached granny flat

Granny Flats

Limitations of the land and available space might dictate what options you are able to consider when wanting to build a granny flat. And there are a few other factors to take into consideration before you tell your builder which path to go down when adding on a flat to your existing or proposed dwelling.

Nathan tells us attached granny flats are more cost-effective in comparison to detached ones, but the stand-alone options provide the superior privacy to the attached flat, of course.

Mini-Tego Granny Flat
The Mini-Tego 78 Stand Alone Granny Flat

The stand-alone option is also usually easier to rent out via Airbnb, while an attached granny flat would suit more of an extended family accommodation scenario.

Most granny flat options are designed for a single person household or for a couple. The key rooms are one or two beds, kitchen, bathroom, dining and living room, and in some cases includes a small alfresco. All granny flats are making good use of space and furniture placement and traffic flow, Nathan says.

Get in contact

If you are interested in knowing more about the different options for dual-living, do not hesitate to contact the capable team at Stroud Homes Gold Coast on 0457 229 956.

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