Multi-Generational Living with Stroud Homes Cardinia

Multi-Generational Living with Stroud Homes Cardinia

Mini-Tego Granny Flat

The property bubble

The Australian property bubble has seen housing prices skyrocket around Australia over the past decade, much due to overseas investments and shortage in new housing supply.

The subject of the Australian property market becoming significantly overpriced, paired up with a life expectancy in Australia higher than ever due to greater standards of living and modern medicines, has seen more households with multiple generations living under the same roof.

“To ensure grand parents and/or the children have their own space when needed, more and more families turn to us for granny flat solutions and Dependent Persons Units (DPU) options, explains Stroud Homes Cardinia’s Design Specialist Max Xia.”

And in some cases a granny flat is being built to house grown children – maybe even with kids of their own, and in other cases clients might be looking to capitalise on a fantastic location by creating a space where visitors can feel at home.

We explore your options..

Granny flats styles & layouts

Stroud Homes Cardinia has numerous attached and stand-alone granny flat options– from budget friendly options to spare-no-expense waterfront luxury.

“It all comes down to Council approval and personal choice, says Max. It’s therefore best to check with your local Council to see what the possibilities are, then engage one of the friendly staff at Stroud Homes Cardinia to tailor something to your individual needs.”

Because of its popularity, most of Stroud Homes floor plans also have the granny flat attachment option, however since Stroud Homes is all about tailoring the floor plan to suit each individual needs, they will work with your land size and budget to give you the home you look forward to come back to.

Most of Stroud Homes granny flats can comfortably fit a couple. The features range in each design, but typically they all come with at least one bedroom, bathroom, laundry, kitchen and a living/dining room.

And unlike many other builders, with Stroud Homes Fully Loaded Inclusions, the granny flats are all complete self-contained little homes, no matter attached or stand alone.

“It’s pretty much a standard home in a smaller scale – full structure and manufacturer warranties apply, says Max. Once completed they are ready to be enjoyed for the years to come.”

Montego Granny Flat

Proud builds

As a builder, Stroud Homes puts just as much care into building granny flats as they do to the main home.

That means you get the same level of quality and experience, the same dedication and customer-focus and the same reliability and guarantees for delivery.

And some builds are more memorable than others. “There are times where we built for people with disabilities and/or restricted movements and had to install ceiling tracks, bath hoists or wider doorways,” says Max.

“We understand these peoples need to be close to family members, and once we see the happiness on the clients faces at handover when the home is functional and of great quality, it makes all the hard work and overtime worth it!”

Some of our Granny Flat & Dual Living Options

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