Nathan’s Two Bob – The Challenge of Change

Nathan’s Two Bob – The Challenge of Change

Time-for-ChangeI feel this a timely discussion for where we are at right now in our personal and professional lives and more importantly what we all face at some point in all of our lives. Maybe for some a more regular case but CHANGE is inevitable. Sometimes good, sometimes less desirable but it’s really how we embrace change and handle being removed from our comfort bubble that’s the big reality check.

Right now at Stroud Homes Gold Coast world we have an environment of constant change, expansion and re-channelling of tact and discretion. We are building a new Display Home. A new design and location. Change is good we say. Letting go of the past and looking forward to the future. Old habits faced and maybe old fires kindled once more.

We have formed a terrific team right now and are very optimistic about the future. Positively responsive clients who are wonderfully honest, solidly built homes and a highly in-tune team that is single minded on producing results and solutions for our customers.

An eclectic mix of personalities creates a dynamic nucleus of ideas based upon tradition, prior experience and what they see to be right at any one time. I’m tasked with the job of harnessing that energy into ultimately a great experience and home for our treasured clients.

It’s a challenge I love and what makes me jump out of bed every morning at 5am. I love change, I relish in the thought of creating something new, a goal doubted and achieved, an obstacle overcome, being that solution to our new home buyers on the Gold Coast.

The time is right

The planets are in alignment right now with growing consumer confidence, borrowed money is affordable, developers are back in town and land is soon to be abundant. Builders are gearing up for expansion, subcontractors are returning in droves and our suppliers are investing in the sustained and much need growth of the building industry which is long overdue. Especially on the Gold Coast.

HIA Industry Outlook

The HIA Industry Outlook breakfast I recently attended is expecting a nearly 50% increase in new home starts in the next 12/24 months on the Gold Coast which really is the trailblazer in QLD with a consistent outlook looming into 2018 and the Commonwealth Games.

Opportunities await

We have averaged around the 2000 starts mark in the past 3 months with average land prices at around the $230,000 mark which is really on par with current growth rates. Affordability will be an issue moving forward once stock levels become strained and players attempt to extract more out of the demand. Industry bodies are lobbying the State and Federal Governments to address affordability and Government infrastructure/planning and stamp duty costs and addressing reforming unpalatable policies. But, the signs are of consistent growth in the property market for some time to come. This only highlights the position we are right now and the terrific opportunities to grab your slice of the Property Market. In a lot of cases building is a lot more affordable than buying existing.

Change is constant

Going back to change again – Its constant don’t you know! Changing jobs, changing internet or insurance providers. How about your favourite foods or so called trusted brands. The reasons can be varied but mostly out of need when our loyalty is put into question.

Reactive change

Most people change out of reaction or will move based on the perceived benefit or advantage to them personally. But the potential benefits of the change need to feel at least twice as strong to convert into a lasting change.

A new home presents these lasting changes:

  • Not buying someone’s existing issues
  • New everything – fresh paint and floor coverings to name a few. No lived in feel
  • Builders and manufacturers warranties
  • Capital growth and or depreciation on a new home
  • A home design and features exact to your liking
  • A chance to add your personal stylised touches
  • New technological features and design innovations

Let us guide you through change

Which poses the very question will you embrace the change in your life. Old can become new again for less than you think. Our team of “change huggers” makes building your home a stress free one. Come visit us today and let’s start the journey of real change together. A Stroud home is new start for everyone.

Thanks Again,nathan-dunn-stroud-homes-Gold-Coast
Yours in Building.

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