Nathan’s Two Bob – When Price is Good Value

Nathan’s Two Bob – When Price is Good Value


Nathan Dunn

Whenever I have made any new purchase, one thought always comes to the fore, “You will remember the value long after the price”

That’s always been the case with me. Maybe it’s a nurture thing or a natural one but I’ve always felt you get the desired outcome by selecting the better value and, in most cases dearer product or service.

Most cases, my instincts have proven me right.


What is ‘Value’?

Whether you define value as good customer service, quality of product or longevity (to name just a few) it quickly becomes apparent when the lean and mean price lives up to the poor expected result.

Now you might say if I buy the cheaper one, I’ll have more money to buy other stuff or even get two for one. Two for one indeed sounds like it’s too good to be true, which in the majority of cases it is.

Breaks after a week or month, even a year is too soon. Well, I have another one then to replace it you say for the same price as the more expensive one you rejected. Well that’s fine in a throwaway society, which you could argue in some respects we have become. Mass produced “junkies” for the Chinese manufacturing industry. But that’s a segue for another day!


In the building game we generally have an industry of savvy and professional players, each vying for the even more savvier, new home build consumer. Sometimes it’s more style over substance in their approach, but it’s all about the perceived Value!

Some are indeed price sensitive and will always choose the least price possible no matter the inclusions of the home. Most, in fact are very perceptive when it comes to comparative inclusion levels and quality of products, soil type standards and just what is included in your initial “quoted” price. Some fall prey to a sales step process but the majority are wired to an apples for apples second or third opinion.

Savvy Customers know Value when they see it

KDMediaMost buyers that come to us see the true value in a Stroud Home, and come to a quick conclusion it’s more than a cheaply priced house, and more about the honesty and confidence that we employ from day one to help you get ahead.

Why build with Stroud Homes Gold Coast? The Facts

So why should you build with Stroud Homes? Let me justify your spend in real terms. The Facts – What I always seek in any transaction.

The Six Signs of us being an Exceptional Builder:

  1. Our Clients are raving fans.
  2. We are a local Gold Coast builder. Local knowledge and your money stays in town.
  3. Because we care more. A unique and customised building journey. Talk to the Builder, he’ll answer.
  4. We deliver on our commitments! Guaranteed start date of 7 days from Council Approvals and a maximum 16 week build time.
  5. We sit in the top 5% of build quality as advised by our independent building assessor.
  6. Experience Matters! We have the technical knowledge and skills to build any home.

So pick up the phone, send us an email. Let’s get the conversation started. We are your new home building solution. The Value home that lives on.