New Hamptons Façades – Timeless Beauty

New Hamptons Façades – Timeless Beauty

Move to the Hamptons

The possibilities seem endless when designing your dream home with Stroud Homes. The wide selection of more than 80 home designs, the fully loaded inclusions and range of house façades makes the process of building your new house a real treat.

This year, Stroud Homes is excited to deliver clients the new Hamptons façade, bringing a touch of Long Island country charm to your home. We talk to Caleb Townsend of Stroud Homes Casey about the new addition.

“Stroud Homes is the trend setter with the Hamptons look,” says Caleb.

“We are bringing out the Hamptons external finishes due to the popular demand and success we had with the Hamptons internal finishing options in early 2016.”

Standout Style

The exterior features a distinctive and elegant street appeal with river rock front pillars, big colonial windows and James Hardy cement sheet cladding wrapped around the entire home. Choosing this style of façade is sure to make your home a standout in your street.

“The Hamptons style is a timeless beauty that has lasted throughout the ages,” says Caleb.

“When people think Hamptons, they think luxury and elegance with soft neutral colours that works well with modern or French Provincial options.”

Stroud Homes has updated most of the single storey designs with the Hamptons Façade to date, however the façade will soon be available with all the designs.

Caleb also says Stroud Home Casey is very flexible with customising it further to suit your individual needs.

And the colours on your existing furniture doesn’t matter according to Caleb, the Hamptons style goes with any colour scheme and will complement your style without being overpowering. He also suggests to add Stroud Homes standard timber floor options to complete the look.

A selection of our Hamptons designs:

Choosing exterior

But choosing your façade can be daunting, and there’s a list of things to consider before making a final decision. All the key elements involved, including the style, look, materials, colours, features, lighting and landscaping should tie together. Maintenance and sustainability are also factors worth looking in to.

“Unlike the usual Brick and Render façade which needs constant painting every few years, the Hamptons’ Cement Sheeting can simply be hosed down and it will look brand new again”, explains Caleb.

“You definitely want to pick a product that can stand the test of the Aussie climate.”

“Most builders nowadays will only use the traditional Brick and Render, however, newer products like Hebel and Cement sheeting are more energy efficient and quicker to build than traditional Brick.”

Caleb encourages people to contact him and the team at Stroud Homes Casey if they want more information. He will be happy to show you the different products that might be suitable for you new home.

The Stroud Homes Casey team

If you’re interested in the new Hamptons façade for your home, give Stroud Homes Casey a call on 03 9768 9947.

Caleb Townsend
Caleb Townsend