Our ‘No Batching’ policy

Our ‘No Batching’ policy

At Stroud Homes, we have a no batching policy.

We don’t wait for others, we are ready, when you are ready. Both our timeframes and homes, are unique to you. When you choose Stroud Homes to build your home work will commence straight away after approval and be completed in our 16 week build time – no batching! We start from approvals because we just don’t think its fair for you to pay interest on your land while some builder waits for an opportune time to start your home.

Stroud Homes is local and we have the resources necessary to put our builders to work on your new home when you’re ready to commence. Take a look at Our Process, Your Journey to see how we deliver your dream home on time and with exceptional service every step of the way.

What is batching?

In order to cut costs some builders will only commence work on your house when they have three or so projects ready for commencement in your area. Batching is more likely to happen in smaller population centres. It means that while you are paying rent and interest on your land, the builder saves money but does nothing to get your house built when you want it.

How does batching work?

Look out for build times that start from site cut or shovel in dirt.

The builder will provide a quote for your house, take a deposit and submit preliminary approvals with council. A couple of months later you start wondering when work on your new home house will start. When you call the builder to see what’s going on you discover you’re part of a batch job. “Don’t worry!” you’re told, “There’ll be some other jobs on real soon.”  Just how long you might need to wait is anybody’s guess.