Not all about the price

Not all about the price

Factors to Consider

Many would agree, when building a house, the price is very important. But there’s more to consider when building than just the price.

Lisa Adams from Stroud Homes Brisbane East talks us through why you should hire their team when wanting to create your dream home, and how builder David Adams goes about delivering some of the best home designs and customer service in Australia.

Can you tell us about factors you believe are important when building?

When building, quality and service are just as important as price. If the quality is bad, you may be replacing items earlier than needed – which costs more.

If service is bad, you end up with a stressful experience – which can cost you your sanity. Service also costs you money – the longer you wait for quotes, drawings or the build; the longer you are paying for where you are living and for the land you are building on.

What kind of customer service do you aim to give your clients?
  • 24hr quoting – don’t wait weeks for a quote!
  • 16 week build times on our Standard Single Storey Designs under 300sqm
  • Weekly updates both during the pre-construction phase and during your build
  • Up to 5 guided walk-throughs during the build. Experience the build! It is an exciting journey!
  • A 2hr Colour Consultation with an Interior Designer to help you choose colours, tiles and much much more.
  • Interactive Building – we get you involved in the build! We make it an experience to come out and place your mark in the slab, and to also come out and have the kids belt the last nail into the frame – what a Kodak moment!

Stroud Homes Brisbane East Slab Pour Days

What communication systems/processes do you have in place to ensure your clients are kept in the loop?

We use a messaging app called Voxer. This is a free service that allows us to text message or leave a voice message. It eliminates phone tag. It also allows us to add everyone involved into the one chat so everyone is kept up to date on what is going on and if someone asks a question, everyone sees the answer – nothing needs to be passed on.

You often hear about build times blowing out with other builders, can you tell me about how you guarantee build times?

We guarantee our build times by starting with our 16 week standard build, then work out exactly how long it will take with any changes.

This is backed up in the contract, and also carries a penalty if we do not meet our promise.

Why do you think your clients appreciate a tangible build time?

When you are building, you are generally renting, or waiting to sell, or living with family. This means in order to plan ahead, tangible build times are essential. It also means that you aren’t paying for rent, and the mortgage on the land any longer than absolutely necessary.

Tell me about your Top 5% Quality Guarantee.

Our final inspections are completed by an independent assessor, Pty Ltd, who highlight any defects for rectification prior to you receiving your keys.

Stroud Homes is rated by in the top 5% of all homes they have assessed for overall finish quality! Pty Ltd have been operating for over 20 years and inspect over 13,000 homes every year.

Can you also explain the Structural Guarantee you have on your homes?

We have a 7 Year Structural Warranty and a 25 Year Guarantee on the Frame. We also conduct a 12 month maintenance period.

The reason behind this is, that over the first 12 months, the house is settling which can require a few minor fixes. A guarantee you will be happy in your beautiful new home.

What do your clients most enjoy about the building experience with Stroud Homes?

The stress-free experience. The quality home they get to move into, and the personal touch that comes with a family builder. We can honestly say we have enjoyed building for each one of our clients, and we care as much about their home as they do.

Aerial shot of Anna & Sam's Modified Hud-Tego

Aerial shot of Anna & Sam’s Modified HudTego  – knock down rebuild custom home design

If you’d like to talk to Lisa and the team from Stroud Homes Brisbane East about your new home, drop them a line on 07 3416 4839 today!

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