Oakleigh 258

The Oakleigh is one of Stroud’s most impressive acreage designs which will be sure to excite you. The floor plan has been carefully moulded to optimise open family living, yet provide the possibility for additional private spaces.

Due to differing State and Local Government regulations, plans may vary slightly to suit local requirements.

With large kitchens which open out onto the dining and alfresco areas, the Oakleigh will provide comfort for entertaining guests. The Oakleigh provides plenty of natural light and ventilation to all living areas which guarantees comfort all year round.

The possibilities have been seen and utilised throughout the Oakleigh range to provide the right essentials to meet your needs and make living a breeze.

Oakleigh 258 Mountain Façade Interior

  • Oakleigh_258_Mountain_Facade_Front_Exterior_March_2017
  • Oakleigh_258_Mountain_Facade_Bedroom_2_March_2017
  • Oakleigh_258_Mountain_Facade_Bathroom_March_2017
  • Oakleigh_258_Mountain_Facade_Ensuite_March_2017
  • Oakleigh_258_Mountain_Facade_Media_Room_March_2017
  • Oakleigh_258_Mountain_Facade_Rear_Exterior_March_2017

Oakleigh 258 Façade options

  • Oakleigh_258_Mountain_Facade_March_2016
  • Oakleigh_258_Skillion_Facade_March_2016
  • Oakleigh_258_Coast_Facade_March_2016
  • Oakleigh_258_Classic_Facade_April_2016

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