Our Process, Your Journey

Our Process, Your Journey

Stroud Homes believes that choosing and building a home should be an uplifting and rewarding experience. To achieve this, we follow an open, simple and easy-to-understand process,  to help realise your dreams.

Our efficient building process, which is project managed every step of the way, means that once the building starts, your home will be ready to move into, in just 16 weeks – that’s our guarantee.

We’re with you from start to finish. We keep you informed to ensure that when work is completed to satisfaction, there is no delay in enjoying all the benefits, confidence and pride that come with a “Stroud Home”.

Design and planning – Let’s get started!

  • Once you’ve decided you’d like to move forward with Stroud Homes, we start design planning.
  • We hold a lifestyle, budget and discovery meeting to see which of our homes best suits your needs.
  • We then position your selected house design on a surveyor’s block plan and if required, arrange a site visit with a member of our building team, to help ensure our quote accurately allows for your specific site conditions.
  • We provide you with written, easy to understand answers to questions that are commonly asked in the planning stage.
  • Sweat Equity: We understand when you want to save money by doing or arranging some work or material yourself. We will explain where and when this works well for everyone.

Pre-construction – Numbers, plans and approvals

  • During this stage, Stroud Homes works with customers to finalise requirements and associated quotes, plans and contracts.
  • A preliminary fee to cover the expenses of site testing, surveying and drafting is due in this stage.
  • Stroud Homes prepares your building contract.
  • We meet again to explain the contract, to answer any questions you may have and to select colour schemes for your new home.
  • Immediately after the contract is signed, the plans go to a certifier, for a typical 3 – 6 week approval process.
  • A supervising builder visits the site to check the site is ready to build, with good access and service installations.
  • Once your plans are approved, construction starts within seven days. And by construction we don’t just mean a sign!

Construction – Bricks and mortar – transforming the house into a home

  • Immediately when building approvals arrive we will start on site. Substantial work will be underway within 7 days – that is our promise.
  • Apart from building your dream home during this stage, you can expect to receive a commencement letter followed by progress claims, as the various stages of construction are completed.
  • We provide you with Frequently Asked Questions at each stage of construction, to help you understand what is happening with your new home.
  • We pride ourselves in being accessible to our customers. During construction, your supervising builder is available:
    • 24/7 email to blackberry;
    • after 3pm by phone (before this, the builder is organising trades and suppliers); and
    • at your request, for a guided tour up to five times during your home’s construction.

Handover – Welcome home

  • During this stage, you are invited to inspect your home while the independent handover consultant is conducting their inspection, so you can ask them questions.
  • Roughly seven days later, your home is certified, finalised, quality controlled and ready to move into. It’s time to celebrate because your new lifestyle in a beautiful Stroud Home is about to begin!
  • We hold a handover meeting, where a checklist is followed to ensure you are completely satisfied.
  • Let us know if you are having a house warming party (we’ve been know to drop some drinks by!)

Maintenance – Living the dream

  • Our communication with you doesn’t end after handover. We commit to contact you one week, one month and six months after handover, to confirm your home is meeting our performance expectations.
  • Experience shows that our maintenance requirements are low, because we are committed to quality control throughout the entire building process.