Pimpama Builders Reveal 5 Great Reasons To Choose The Gold Coast City Suburb

Pimpama Builders Reveal 5 Great Reasons To Choose The Gold Coast City Suburb

Pimpama is situated in the northern area of Gold Coast City. It is the last existing rural town on the Pacific Motorway that sits between Gold Coast and Brisbane. As if that weren’t enough, this little-known suburb is also 30 km north of Surfer’s Paradise, another suburb that features a wide surf beach.

However, an extremely alluring location is just one of the many reasons why Pimpama is fast-becoming a rather favourable area to move into. And builders are investing. Here are five other great reasons why Pimpama builders think this ideally situated suburb should become your next address.

1. It’s a great new location for families.
Pimpama isn’t just accessible from Brisbane and the Gold Coast City. It is also quite near theme parks. Builders point out the suburb’s proximity to Dreamworld, where kids can have a thrilling time on different rides like The Giant Drop and Motocoaster, or marvel at wildlife attractions like tiger cubs Baru and Ravi.

2. Investments are being made — businesses are coming in.
There is a lot happening in Pimpama right now and that is because investments are pouring in. According to developers, there is massive capital being injected into the suburb. Infrastructure is being built. And businesses are coming in to breathe more life into the area.

3. It is very affordable right now.
The Gold Coast City, already, is an affordable location for many — families, couples, and single people. But with Pimpama still relatively in its early stages of development, you can actually buy blocks of land at a pretty good price. Even built homes featuring all the much-needed amenities and little luxuries every homeowner needs will come with modest prices.

4. There are good schools close by.
Families with kids would not have to worry about going on long drives just to get to schools because certain addresses in Pimpama, like Gainsborough Greens, is about a five-minute drive to local schools.

And if you really want to save on petrol, get in a bit of exercise before heading off to work, and decrease your carbon footprint, you can walk to various locations with ease.

5. A Pimpama home is an investment.
Finally, Pimpama is a good investment. Recent property insights indicate a 4 percent growth in the next year, which means you are bound to get a good return on your investment. Whether you choose to buy land or buy a house and land package, you are making a sound decision with your choice of investment. You’ll have a great area to live in, for years, and possess a valuable property to put on the market down the line.

Make sure you visit our Gold Coast display home located at Pimpama to see for yourself why this suburb is a great place for you to build your new home.