Polished Porcelain Splashback vs Seamless Glass

Polished Porcelain Splashback vs Seamless Glass

Interview Transcription

Gidday I’m James Stroud from Stroud Homes. I would like to talk to today about our new Polished Porcelain splash backs. The idea originated from one of our customers and we thought it was great. There are functional differences between polished porcelain splash backs and your typical seamlessness glass splash backs but the difference is very small. The price difference is very big. That is very big in a good way. It is also very cost-effective.With polished porcelain splash backs basically what we’re doing is taking a 600mm polished porcelain tile and installing it on the splash back using a very tight grout line of about 1.5 mm. It’s true, you end up with a few joints but with a bit of thought going into the setup you can position the joints in a place where it is not extremely noticeable.

Now glass splash backs tend to be very expensive and retail around $350 per square meter. They say that they are seamless but in reality there are joints. There are joints where it meets the range hood. There are joints where it meets the overhead cupboard in the wall. The other down side to glass splash-backs is that they are very inflexible. It’s a big piece of tempered glass and tempered glass once cut to shape and size it cannot be changed. It would fall to pieces if you tried to re-cut it. That is something that you should know as a potential buyer.

As a potential buyer of that product when you’re building a new home one should consider polished porcelain splash backs. There is a very low upgrade cost compared to your regular tiled splash backs and it looks very nice.

Finally, have a great day and most of all have a great build.