Stroud Homes Port Macquarie Reviews

Stress-free Building Process

The Murrays tell us about their stress-free build with Stroud Homes Port Macquarie.
On a challenging block (narrow and with limited access) builder Joel was able to deliver a great home on time
and on budget with as many features as the owners could wish for.

Stroud Homes Port Macquarie Reviews

Neil B
Mid North Coast, NSW
Stroud Homes Port Macquarie first home

We made initial contact with Joel after a major problem arose with another builder. Joel was able to help and the issue we had was not a problem for him. He was not only able to build our custom design at a better price but included more. Through the build process Joel and his team always went the extra step to make sure we achieved an even better outcome than we expected. Following completion of our home Stroud’s customer service has been great.

If the opportunity arose to build another home, would we use Joel and his team at Stroud Homes Port Macquarie? absolutely.

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J and M Murray
Mid North Coast, NSW
A home we can be proud of (Update)

At initial contact, Joel, Alla and Port Macquarie Stroud Team presented a professional attitude with a friendly and supportive manner. We felt confident our build would proceed without complications.

Workmanship was of the highest quality.

Range of inclusions were beyond our expectations, other builders would class as “extra costs”.

We have just been contacted by Stroud Homes for our 12 month maintenance review and are delighted to report that we have no issues to report.

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J and K
Mid North Coast, NSW
Our family dream home

From the moment we walked into Stroud Homes display house and spoke with the team, Joel, Alla & Allison we knew Stroud Holmes was for us. The display home was far superior to all others & we immediately felt welcomed by Joel & his team.

Joel & his team made the building process hassle free, right from the moment of choosing a design to the day our keys to our dream home were handed to us. We are thrilled with the final product & feel that Stroud Homes have gone above & beyond to meet our needs. We have received numerous comments from friends & family of what a beautiful home we now have.

Like all builds there were some very minor maintenance issues, however nothing was too much trouble for Joel & Alla to immediately make arrangements for these to be rectified.

The final cost compared to our estimate cost was perfect. We were on a set budget & allowed for a few variations. We were informed immediately any cost differences for these variations which allowed us to fit them into our budget. The entire financial & contract side of things was easy & not stressful at all.

We are so glad we chose Stroud Homes Port Macquarie & very grateful to Joel, Alla & Allison for making our family dream home happen!

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Satish V.
Mid North Coast, NSW
Port Macquarie Stroud homes make you feel Proud and Builder Mr. Joel make your dreams Royal

We Sam and Maddy living in Portmacquarie-2444 would like to share our Experience with Stroud homes. Stroud homes build our property in Thrumster last year 2018. Everything went smoothly in each and every aspect starting from signing the contract till handovering the building. Stroud homes Portmacquarie completed the construction in a timely manner with all specifications and quality inclusions as mentioned in the builders’ contract and agreement.
Before signing contract with Stroud homes we were attracted and approached another corporate builder because of promotional deal they offered. We paid an initial deposit of $1500 to get plans and specifications.The other builder hides the construction costs in each and every aspect and mentioned some of the items were free in the promotional deal. After paying deposit of $1500 that builder keeps on adding costs even for those promotional items which they mentioned absolutely free.
When we approached Joel director of the Stroud homes he gave the quote black and white without any hidden costs. Besides building construction he also took care of Landscaping, Turfing, Blinds, fencing, ducted air conditioning, Driveway. Both of us working full time and asked Mr. Joel to take care of everything.
Mr. Joel gave us just one quote for each and every item what we needed and most of the builders won’t do all these jobs besides building construction. We have to find different trade persons for the above mentioned jobs. Finding qualified trade persons take lot of time and bit hectic to get invoice for each and every job and we have to exercise lot to follow up. He gave each and every thing as promised in the contract and finished the building beyond our expectation.
The Voxer communication what they offer is really good and gave us up to date information about the various stages of construction with photos.
I never ever regretted for losing $1500 with another builder as the quote i got from Stroud homes is far better than what i got from other builder. We saved couple of thousands by proceeding with Stroud homes. We had made the right decision by proceeding with Stroud homes,Port macquarie.
Both Alla and Joel directors of Stroud homes are very friendly and helped us in each and every aspect. The property was occupied by the tenants from known reference on the next day once we got the keys from Stroud homes. The tenants were so happy with the home and extended their lease by one more year because of the attractive features and quality inclusions given by our Builder.
I leased the property to Tenants without a property manager and tried to manage on my own as i got our tenants from a well known reference. We had got few issues about the maintenance and cleanliness of the property. Mr.Joel advised me to find property manager instead of managing on my own. Once i find the property manager i came to know that my property was maintained by the tenants very well and all issues were sorted. I never forget Joel for the advice he offered me.
Both Alla and Joel were very kind to us and did a good gesture for fixing the dent in our investment property caused by tenants. They also fixed the dent in our own home free of cost even though my own home was constructed by another builder ages ago.
Alla director of Stroud homes is an amazing personality and always respond to customer concerns promptly and quickly. Her attitude towards their customers is always positive and gave me all the information whatever i requested. She always responded to all my queries in a timely manner and very few builders would do like that. She responded promptly to my request and arranged annual inspection of my property to fix the things that comes under builder warranty and maintenance.
Her customer service is beyond my expectation and i never hesitate to recommend Stroud homes because of her exceptional customer service.
I strongly recommend Stroud homes port Macquarie because of good customer service and positive attitude towards their customers. Still we are maintaining good relations with them because of their kind gesture to their customers. If you want everything in a single quote just go with Stroud homes without any hesitation. Stroud homes are competitive with other builders. Stroud homes look after each and every aspect without compromising quality. They take all your headaches and tensions away from you and you really no need to bother to follow-up for anything and at the end you will get peace of mind.
Lastly Port Macquarie Stroud homes make you feel Proud and Builder Joel make your dreams Royal .
Sam and Maddy

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Joel Freeman
Joel Freeman

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