Preparing Your New Home For Children

If you have young children in the house, you know you need to keep a vigilant eye on them. Safety proofing your home gives you peace of mind when you need to turn your back for a moment.


Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare your new home for young children:

Tips to keep your toddler safe:

  • Keep curtain cords well away from toddler access (at least 1600 mm above the floor)
  • Install toddler proof gating solutions on stairs.
  • Ensure chemical products are kept out of reach of little hands!

Tricks in managing noise in your home:

  • Try putting rugs or carpets on the floors to reduce noise reflection.
  • Draw or pull the curtains.
  • Add furniture – a big sofa or bed will absorb noise.
  • Book shelves work wonderfully as insulators for noise!

Establish a play area in your home:

Having a play area for the babies and toddlers can be very beneficial. Set up a designated area for them near the kitchen or living room so you can easily check on them.¬†At Stroud Homes, we design some of our floor plans with a ‘Child’s Retreat’ to give kids space and keep them busy playing for hours!

More information

These are just a few tips on preparing your house for children and there are many more not included here. For more comprehensive information, visit the Kidsafe website:

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