Pros & Cons of Container Home Conversions

The idea of having a fully constructed home delivered to your dream site is very appealing. Container conversions seem to offer this – but is it too good to be true?

While they do appear to be a great starting point, already having 4 walls, a floor and roof, they do need all the usual costs to become truly livable homes such as:

  • Site costs.  Containers are designed to sit on a truck or a ship’s deck, not your sloping muddy block so you will still have to cut a pad and pour a slab so that your new transportable home doesn’t transport itself down the hill
  • Plumbing and power.  Unless you really like camping you will need power and plumbing hooked up. With a new home construction, we can plan ahead and hide all the pipes and wires in the walls of your home. With a container, they will need to be covered on the inside and outside (taking up precious space).
  • Want to use multiple containers and stack them like the images shown here? Unfortunately, containers are not giant lego blocks so extra costs for reinforcing will come up. And if you want to add windows and doors you may have to fork even more for bracing.