Quality Homes & Guarantees

Quality Homes & Guarantees

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Renee & Peter Verrier with Max

Important Home Building Factors

Price is extremely important when looking to build a new home but, there’s plenty of other factors you should take into consideration.

Stroud Homes Tamworth’s Renee Verrier talks to us about these others factors like quality, building experience and service.

When building a home, price is very important, but there’s more to building a home than that. Can you tell me about other factors you believe are important?


The difference in quality between builders can be significant. Generally, you get what you pay for so if you are looking at a ‘cheap home’ than either the price is not inclusive and you could end up being charged at a later date or you will be receiving a home that is of lower quality.

Having a home that suits your needs:

Stroud Homes plans are extensive and all are fantastic designs on their own but, we can also change them to ensure they suit each of our clients and their lifestyles.

What kind of customer service do you give your Stroud Homes Tamworth clients?

We aim to give our clients a service that makes them feel as though they are our only clients. We want to provide our clients with a service they will tell their friends about.

Peter with clients during Christmas time
Happy Customers: Nikki and Will signed the last contract for 2018!

How do you manage to keep up such a great level of service?

We have an application called Voxer that we use to ensure that we are readily available to answer any questions and keep our clients up to speed every step of the way throughout their build.

Voxer is a great service because everyone is so busy these days, we can leave a Voxer message and the client can listen to it when they have time and then we can reply, it saves a lot of phone tag.

Tell us about your Top 5% Quality Guarantee and Structural Gurantees?

Not all builders can get this. It means that our homes’ quality have been rated in the top 5% of Australian builders.

We guarantee our homes for seven years structurally, this means that if in the unlikely event that something was to go wrong, then we would be able to rectify it for you for up to seven years.

Read more about our Building Guarantees.

The Kentucky 304 ready for handover

What do your clients most enjoy about the building experience with Stroud Homes Tamworth?

Our clients have enjoyed the personalised approach we take to make their home feel like home. Our clients have enjoyed how clean and tidy our sites are kept during the build.

Find out more about ‘Why Choose to Build with Stroud Homes Tamworth‘.

Peter with a client at a handover
Handing over a modified Kentucky 260 

If you’d like more information or if you’d like to talk to Stroud Home Tamworth about building your new home, give the friendly team a bell on 02 6766 4428.

Peter Verrier
Peter Verrier