Questions To Ask Before You Build

Questions To Ask Before You Build

Aletha and Slade Walters cover a great deal of Queensland as they build new homes from Bundaberg to the Fraser Coast and this year they will take the business out to Gympie.

With extensive building experience up and down the Queensland coast, we asked them to reflect on some important questions to ask yourself and your builder before starting the building process.

Aletha Walters Bundaberg Builder

Wide Bay Builder Slade Walters

What do you think is essential for creating a home in 2018?

I believe that there is currently a trend steering away from big and expensive to small and detailed. People are starting to build homes that have superior design and adding functional and practical items to their homes that will last for many years.

People are wanting to live within their means but are looking for the utmost quality. I believe this is why Stroud Homes has succeeded to our levels in such a short amount of time as people understand the value of what we are offering.

Wildflower 190 Alpine Floor Plan

Wildflower 190 Floor Plan

What is the number one question people should ask their builder?

Clients should be asking their builder what they will do for them. How will they communicate? What will they guarantee? How will they be protected?

Stroud Homes guarantees a build quality, build time, communication processes, community benefits, local security and old-fashioned customer service. We deal directly with all our clients as the owners and we believe that this is a very important factor when choosing a builder you can trust.

What is the number one question people should ask themselves before deciding to build?

Why are you building? Are you building to increase the quality of your life? Are you building for your children? What do you want from this process?

If you are looking for a home that will require no maintenance for a decade, quality finishes and a design that will resell easily then look for Stroud Homes! People are tired of the same old looking homes and what we offer is unique and stands out.

Wide Bay Wildflower 190 Display Home Kitchen

What is the number one question people should ask themselves before choosing a home design?

How will this design impact your family life? I watched this interesting show once where the family had to where trackers for one week to see what parts of the home they actually use the most. It was so interesting and then the home was designed around the rooms they use and made the home more family friendly.

Why should people choose to build with you?

I believe that every person has a builder that is right for them. Choosing a builder should be the easiest decision that you make. It should be about having aligning values and communication that you know will assist you during the process. Building is not a $5 transaction it can be years of initial negotiations, council preparations, construction and maintenance.

We believe that we are the right builder for those in our local region because we have the best systems and communication than any other local builder has to offer. We pride ourselves on not just undertaking a building relationship with our clients but friendship with many that we have handed over too.

If you are interested in building a new home in Bundaberg, the Fraser Coast or Gympie, please give them a call on 07 4152 6969 to get the ball rolling on a new home for you in 2018.

Wide Bay Wildflower 190 Display Home
Wildflower 190 Display Home at Eli Waters