Raise the IQ of Your Home

Raise the IQ of Your Home

Lisa Adams from Stroud Homes Brisbane East talks to us about how you can raise the IQ of your new Stroud Home.

These technologies not only help you monitor and automate your in-home systems, they can also make your life that little bit easier – and save you money in the long run.

The team proudly partner with companies like Reece, who are ahead of the pack when it comes to bathroom technology to provide you with the latest products.

Illuminated Mirrors from Reece

What kind of smart home technology are your clients in Brisbane East asking for?

Our clients are interested in any new technology that can make life easier. Our biggest seller right now is the MyAir and MyLights systems. This technology really is the way of the future for Ducted Air Conditioning and lighting and it is easy to see why.

This technology is appealing in many ways:

    • Simple: easy to use. simple and easy to use.
  • Convenient: especially on those hot days when you can turn your air conditioner on when you are on your way home; no more walking into a sauna when you first get home.
  • Safety: assists with safety at night, or if you are away by being able to turn your lights on right from your phone.
  • Smart: it adjusts to what is happening to save on power costs.

Traditional Ducted Systems have large zones, which means when you need to cool one room, you may have to cool others that are not even in use. MyAir zones each room separately and has temperature sensors in each room.

This means, it only cools where needed. It also detects if the room is empty and adjusts the temperature to save on power. And, all you need to do is walk back in the room and the temperature returns to the original setting. No more hot and cold spots created by your air conditioner.

What does Stroud Homes Brisbane East offer in terms of smart home technology and systems?

Other than the MyAir and MyLights, we have some nifty gadgets available. If you love your garden but aren’t always home to maintain it, we have the Skydrop Controller.

Like most modern technology, this connects with your smartphone from which you can turn your sprinklers on and off.

You can also monitor it as it already knows if there has been enough rain today and won’t turn on. We can connect your pool pump and cleaner and much more to your smartphone also.

Skydrop – Simply Smarter Watering Technology from Reece:
Skydrop Brand

Stroud Homes proudly partner with Reece which is leading the bathroom tech race.

  • Illuminated Bathroom mirrors that have integrated lights which you can change from bright light to a soft light depending on when you are in your bathroom.
  • Heating under your bathroom tiles. No more freezing when you get out of the shower in the middle of winter.
  • Smart toilets, from touchless flush that operates with the wave of a hand, to the remote-controlled, Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet with washing and drying functionality.

Stroud Homes uses Reece Technology

Touchless Flush available at Reece

Why do you think these technologies are so appealing to your clients?

I think these technologies are so appealing because our lives are so busy, that any little thing that can make life easier, or more comfortable, highly sorts after.

Do you think the inclusion of these technologies has an impact resale?

These technologies are only becoming more popular and sort after. Moving into the future the convenience and benefits these technologies provide will be an asset to any homeowner trying to sell.

Stroud Homes BrisbaneEast Smart Home Technology

Much of the smart home technology available helps owners to be more Green-minded, do you think that’s a consideration for your clients?

I think we as a society are becoming more mindful of our impact on the environment, as well as the impact on our hip pocket. With electricity prices, these two go hand in hand.

Systems such as solar heating and electricity, as well as MyAir do cost a little extra when you get them installed, but it is the continuous savings you see after that which is appealing.

What smart home technology would you personally like in your home now?

All of it! Ha Ha, no, I would love to have the MyAir and MyLights installed at home. In the middle of summer, it is a pet hate of mine to come home to a really hot house. I would love to be able to turn my air con on as I am leaving work and to be able to come home to a comfortable temperature.

Also having young kids, so often they fall asleep in the car, and I can’t take them up into their beds because it is just too hot. I end up sitting in my car with the Air Con on until they wake up!

Stroud Homes Brisbane East Smart Home Technology

Lastly, what would you like to see in the future?

As a mum of three young children, I would love to have a little robot that does all the cleaning while I am out! A washer and dryer and folder (one that even puts the clothes away in their draws!) A girl can dream… 😊

If you’d like to talk to Lisa and the team from Stroud Homes Brisbane East about all the wonderful technology they can put into your new home, give them a bell on 07 3416 4839.

Lisa Adams
Lisa Adams