Renovate or Rebuild?

Renovate or Rebuild?

I had an interesting conversation with a young couple recently who purchased a house in Miami a couple of years ago. Their first home, they were keen to buy something that they could improve upon. At the time, renovating seemed the only solution.

The Plan

They spent months planning the extension, and working out the stages at which they would renovate and got excited about the ‘fun’ they would have while making their run-down home new again. They had a healthy budget ($250k) and did all their sums.

The Reality

15 months after starting their renovation, they are still living in the dust and disarray of a long and expensive reno.  In the attempt to save money, they have project managed the tradespeople and ordered everything themselves at market prices.

With so many unexpected expenses and unforeseen problems encountered along the way, they have run out of funds before completing the project. They are tired of the mess and they are missing their weekends. They’ll get there they assure me! It will just take them a bit longer….


The Alternative

I also met with another couple recently who bought their first home together 5 years ago, also with the plans to renovate eventually. They did their sums, got their quotes and their renovation came in at around the same budget as the other couple.

After someone suggested to them that they could build a new house for a similar budget, they got thinking. They love their neighbourhood and they love their 600 sqm block. Could they possibly build a new home where they already are?

Bronte 240 Skillion Façade – Display Home at 15 Sudbury Drive, Pimpama

The Advantages

More and more Gold Coasters are considering rebuilding over renovating.  There are so many advantages that they are realising:

  • A fixed price quote for a completely brand new home.
  • A clear and guaranteed build time.
  • No drawn out renovation stages.
  • Builders warranty on the entire home.
  • No budget blow outs.
  • No living through the pain of dust and tools everywhere.
  • You get to enjoy your weekends.

At Stroud Homes Gold Coast we can help you to make this decision between renovating or rebuilding. With free no obligation site inspections and plenty of plans to choose from, we can help you to get your dreams underway.  From development approval to demolition to construction we can take care of every step of the process.

Explore your options before making your decision.  Visit one of our display homes and have a chat with our consultants today and make your new home become a reality.

For more information contact the Stroud Gold Coast team on 1300 66 99 38 or email: [email protected]