Single Storey Vs Double Storey Homes

Single Storey Vs Double Storey Homes

The Great Debate!

While the majority of home buyers in Australia still prefer a single storey home, some new to the market find it hard to decide on what they want and what is going to work best for them.

“Should I build a single storey or two storey home?”

Without choosing a side, we’d like to weigh in with a few considerations new home buyers should take into account when choosing a home design.

The Nuts & Bolts of Single Storey Homes

Many consider a single storey home to be more open, with the option for open plan living areas, wide hallways and higher ceilings.

Considering your family situation, a single storey home is more accessible for older or disabled family members.

While this is all true, it results in a greater footprint on the lot, so you have less lawn to mow but also less yard for your kids to run around in or space to include features like pools, patio areas or decks.

The Two Storey ‘Wow’ Factor

Double storey homes have a real street presence and look quite substantial next to single storey dwellings, even if they aren’t actually that big.

They can take advantage of elevated views and be built on lots as small as 250m2 (though the average is 300m2). This allows home owners to spend less on land and more on the home.

You can easily separate living areas between top and bottom so the whole family has their own space. When you have bedrooms upstairs there’s an added element of privacy and noise reduction in having your sleeping areas further from the street and foot traffic.

Two storey homes also require less external maintenance over the years, with relatively smaller roof area, and less outdoor wall space. At the same time there are more options for extending in the future, with attachment points for decks, awnings and other additions.

The only real downside; stairs aren’t always favourable for young children or the elderly, and they do take up some of your square footage.

Value for Money

What you end up deciding on really comes down to the perceived value to you and what’s going to work best for your family.

What’s worth more to you – a bigger yard, a grand looking home or open plan living? You could spend more money on the house and have a smaller block, or have a large block with a single storey, open plan design.

Generally speaking, two storey homes are usually around $20,000 to $50,000 more expensive than traditional single storey homes. Could you save that money with a smaller lot?

If you want to talk about single or two storey designs, you can always drop into our office in Ipswich, or take a look at the single storey display home in South Ripley. We’re always happy to chat about home designs and what would make your dream home.

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