Site Costs Uncovered In Melbourne North West

Site Costs Uncovered In Melbourne North West

Site Costs Explained

Site Costs cover anything that needs to be completed on your block of land to get it ready for construction, from removing soil to building retaining walls to upgrading the slab.

As all of these processes are important to your build and your budget, the team from Stroud Homes Melbourne North West confirm site costs after a site inspection and soil testing is completed.

This ensures that the owners are well aware of what needs to happen to their block and how much it will cost them, helping them to budget accordingly.

Keen to learn more? Experienced builder Adam Paradowski from Stroud Homes Melbourne North West explains why these costs are important to your build and future home.

Why is completing a site inspection on a block important before a client purchases the land?

It’s important so that we can see if it is flat or not, which is very important to the build and budget. Also, we like to see if there are houses either side which helps determine whether we’ll need to allow for tight access.

What kind of site costs can you uncover at a site inspection?
  • Level of land
  • Houses either side
  • Need for retaining walls
  • Drainage
  • Availability to essential services
  • Lots more!

Can you tell me how falls, rises and slopes affect site costs?

These can affect the site costs a lot. If you need to remove more soil, build retaining walls, account for extra drainage and provide access for machinery, these will all add up and drive the site costs up.

How important are soil tests and why are they so important to your future home?

They are important as they determine what the ground is like that will be underneath your house. If there is much moisture in the soil this will determine your slab type and if there is rock, we have to account for that.

When does a client become aware of site costs when they build with Stroud Homes Melbourne North West?

The site cost to a standard flat block are included in your quote. Once soil testing is completed, if anything comes back that needs seeing to, we notify the client as soon as possible about the extra costing and explain why it is so. Unfortunately, we can’t guess what your soil is like until we complete soil testing.

What happens if you do find rock is breaking?

We notify the clients. When we start the job and hit rock we take photos and measurements. We also see if the client can meet us on site so we can show them the quantities so that there are no disagreements down the track.

Is there anything significant to the land in Melbourne North West?

We are pretty lucky that most of our jobs are relatively flat and not known to have much rock.

If you’d like to arrange a free site inspection with the team from Melbourne North West, fill in the form below or get in contact on 0488 444 184.

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