Smart Home Building Trends in Melbourne’s West

Smart Home Building Trends in Melbourne’s West

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Are you planning on building your new dream home with Stroud Homes in Melbourne’s West this year?

Then you need to tap in to all the new trends and technologies available on the Australian market to ensure you get the most out of your new place.

In recent years, ongoing research and development has seen a raft of new building materials and products being released which perform more efficiently, look better and are easier to install.

We speak to Stroud Homes Melbourne Western builder Joe Frazzica about some of the building trends he noticed in the past year, and what he thinks will be in style in the near future.

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What are some of the latest or most interesting home design and building trends you’ve witnessed?

I am loving the use of Hebel – is a strong yet lightweight building product that is available in panels or blocks.

Hebel is a strong reliable product that seems to really resonate with new home owners and that I really enjoy working with. I even used this on my new home!

I also love the look of timber incorporated with different types of cladding and Alucobond; it really sets of some unique frontages in some homes and can be used so well. It’s also really easy on the eye.

In terms of building materials, what are some of the latest trends?

Hebel, Alucobond, cladding and vertical timber cladding that can be used on tilt panel roller doors.

Alucobond is the original, and most widely recognised, aluminium composite material in world-wide.

It comes in a wide range of colours, has excellent fire performance and proven long-term durability, which all makes it a very popular choice for both architects and designers.


What are some trends in terms of energy efficiency?

There are so many new trends out there that are energy efficient, some that come to mind are smart meters for water control, solar panels, and led lighting.

In the past few years we have seen more and more clients installing solar power to improve the home’s energy efficiency, and to reduce their power bills.

Incorporating solar into your original plans can assist your builder and design team to ensure the most suitable location for your solar panels.

Here are a few reasons why people are installing solar panels in their new home builds:

  • Reduce your energy bills with up to $2000 per year!
  • Protect yourself from rising energy costs.
  • Reduce your family’s carbon footprint, leaving the planet a better place for your kids.

And talking environment…sustainable home design that seeks to minimise the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space, is bigger than ever right now, and is predicted to become an ever greater deal-breaker in the future.


Finally, what are some new trends in smart technology and home automation?

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s certainly a trend in new homes we won’t see go away.

Noways, a home can be controlled via your phone, ipad or tablet. These technologies do not only help you monitor and automate your in-home systems, they can also make your life that little bit easier – and save you money in the long run.

You can have a home automation system and close your blinds, curtains or shutters when you aren’t at home, and you can also turn on your air con or heating and even pool heating with help of an app. Everything can be controlled via these gadgets.

Technology is always changing but so much is out there that you can literally run your home from your phone. And these technologies are only becoming more popular and sought after.

Moving into the future, the convenience and benefits these technologies provide will be an asset to any homeowner trying to sell.

Joe Frazzica
Joe Frazzica

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