Solar Installation with Brisbane South Residential

Solar Installation with Brisbane South Residential


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When planning your new home and everything that comes with it, going solar should be something to consider early in your build.

The choice to install solar panels does not only improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut your power bill significantly, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint and can improve your property value dramatically.

If solar is a priority for you, it is important to consider how you might include a solar system from the beginning of the design phase, and not leave it to the last minute.

Incorporating solar into your original plans can assist your builder and design team to ensure the most suitable location for your solar panels.


Why install a (PV) Photovaltaic Solar Panel System?

  • Reduce your energy bills, can be up to $2000 per year!
  • Protect yourself from rising energy costs.
  • Reduce your family’s carbon footprint, leaving the planet a better place for your kids.

Stroud Homes Brisbane South Residential understands that coming into Queensland’s summer months and with a hotter and dryer start to spring than usual, a few things will change around your household requirements.

With the summer period heating up the need for an aircon running in your new home, which can result in a significant spike in your energy usage and power bill, Stroud Homes Brisbane South is offering a greener, more cost effective solution.

Having a 5kw Solar System connected up to your new home will drastically reduce each power bill to come and the process of converting sunlight into electricity using PV systems produces zero greenhouse gas emissions.

This means your new Stroud Home will help save the environment and your money over time.


Building a sustainable future environment with Stroud Homes

Taking care of the environment and giving back to the local community is important for Stroud Homes Brisbane South.

To play their part, Stroud Homes plant 15 trees for every home build as a part of their mission to help the planet.

“We understand that household electricity plays a big role for the sustainability of the environment so at Stroud Homes we guarantee that all Stroud Homes we build are rated with a 6 Star energy efficiency rating.”

This means your house will be cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and your naturally lit rooms mean there won’t be a need to turn those lights on in the day!

“At Stroud Homes, we are doing our part to build a sustainable future environment.”

If you’re interested in installing solar in your build, please contact Tristan on Mobile: 0447 018 870 or 07 5540 3949

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