Speeding Up Council Approvals

Speeding Up Council Approvals

We can all understand bad weather, delivery delays, and even design issues that can blow out a new home’s build time, but these aren’t always the biggest delays a new home faces.

Often council approvals can be the major delay, as building itself cannot start until all contracts are submitted and the approvals have been issued.

While this is something all builders face, the team at Stroud Homes Brisbane South have found their determination can speed up this process.

“We work closely to get contacts within the Council to try to help the speed up this process,” Thomas Eldridge says.

Having these contacts within the council then helps with any queries on the progress of building approvals.

“We find that constant follow up makes for speedy turnaround times – It’s easier for them to just send it back to us than delay it and continue to get constant phone calls and emails from us.”

Applying this dedication to all aspects of your new home build is why Stroud Homes are able to provide our 16 week build time guarantee, along with many other high quality inclusions.

For more information on how we can build your dream home, call Stroud Homes Brisbane South on 07 5540 3949, or visit the display home in Jimboomba Woods today.