Split Level Designs

Many of our current designs are available as a Split Level design option.

A split level design is a great option if you have a sloping block as it means you will have less excavation and fill, less retaining wall and a gentler sloping driveway.  A split level design also gives you an interesting interior with a few steps separating living areas.

View a few of our upcoming plans below:

Stroud Homes 16 Week Build Time Guarantee does not apply to split-level designs.

Split Level Floor Plans

  • Avoca_198_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Lower
  • Avoca_198_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Higher
  • Avoca_227_Floor_Plan_Side_Split
  • Avoca_227_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Lower
  • Avoca_227_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Higher
  • Wildflower_216_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Lower
  • Wildflower_216_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Higher
  • Wildflower_256_Split_Side_Classic
  • Wildflower_256_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Lower
  • Wildflower_256_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Higher
  • Wildflower_300_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Lower
  • Wildflower_300_Split_Level_Classic_Front_Higher



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