Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Maintenance on your Home

Spring is the time for new beginnings and spring cleaning. What a great time to think about maintenance around the home and keeping your greatest asset in top top shape! Here are some tips:


Spring is a good time to plant new gardens, prune existing ones and even fertilising. Also if those bindies are rearing their head already maybe spray them now so you can keep an ouch free lawn!

house with big garden


Normally winter is dry and spring brings some more rain, so it is a great time to remove those leaves, twigs and debree from your gutters.

As well as keeping the roof and gutters clear and less hazardous, your tanks will get the full benefit of your downpipes and fill with all that wonderful rain water flowing through.


Air Conditioner

It can be a good time to clean and service your air conditioner since the dry dusty season is over and get it ready to use on those hotter days.

The more efficient your air conditioner is working the better. This also goes for solar panels if you have them.

General Maintenance

Ongoing general maintenance for your home may also include an external house wash, especially if there is any mould area from the damp winter, including windows.

Paint touch ups, fly screen repairs, smoke alarm checks and preparing the pool for use again if you have one, may be other things you can check off your list and keep your house looking great.



It’s a good time to check your pest control and termite inspections are up to date to ensure you keep your lifetime guarantee.



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