Stand Out from the Crowd!

Stand Out from the Crowd!

How important to you in house design and styling is hitting the mark in the now and a timeless look that will outlast the rest?

I bet it’s pretty high up there. Right?

Home Designs that Stand Out from the Crowd!

Of course, who wouldn’t want that new look or be the envy of the street? We’re a primal and emotive bunch and for most, our homes are our castle, sanctuary even and doesn’t it fill you with pride when friends, family or even strangers remark on how unique or striking your new home is? It’s almost saying “isn’t your baby so cute”!

Look, I’m probably more deep-seated in my emotions as a lifelong “home design tragic” but I take it very seriously and I have to. Our clients trust and count on their builder to be emotionally involved too in their behaviour that’s what you get when building with Stroud Homes Gold Coast.

Here at Stroud Homes we have spent a lot of time listening to our clients and taking their feedback on board and to heart. In fact, as a business and specifically as a builder, if we fail to do that then you’ve lost the true essence and motivation of why you chose to run a building company.

Our primary reason for being is to engage our clients, be super informed and then act out that vital feedback which really creates the lifeblood of the business.

New Display at Pimpama’s Pacific Cove

Our new Bronte Skillion 241 for instance being built right now at Pimpama’s Pacific Cove. A striking facade which will get plenty of ooh’s and aah’s. That’s what we’re about. Creating memorable, striking homes that have longevity in appeal.

This savvy new design packs so much punch! An opulent master bed and ensuite that would put the Hilton penthouse to shame was inspired by the need of our clients to have that luxury hotel feel at home. The lady of the house needs to feel spoilt and that’s what you’ll get with this design. I’m not going to spill the beans entirely in this post but to say that it will surely impress. You’ll have to wait until July though!

Progressive Builders with a Nod to the Traditional

Stroud Homes are a sharp-minded group of young, progressive builders laser focused on unveiling new and exciting products whilst delivering them on traditional and tested methods.

It’s using innovative products like Boral’s Cultured Stone which is a signature trademark of our Mountain facade. A look born out of the rugged landscape of Canada where our founder James Stroud is from. This inspiration was again rekindled when paired with our new “Hamptons” look features which really compliment the Mountain facade.

The Hamptons style hails from from the US but you get the insinuation of the same continent! This marriage is made in heaven really. The bold exterior statement outside with the softer more feminine look inside. Lately, we’re getting such positive feedback about both tying in seamlessly that we’re very proud to see that our customers appreciate the thought process. Check out the Hamptons look here.

Low profile doors

Another Stroud signature is our pillarless corner stacker doors and our pocket cavity doors. All featured in our Alfresco entertaining zones on a lot of designs nowadays. People kinda expect this QLD lifestyle feature to be in their homes now. They really enjoy bringing the outdoors in and make the outdoor room feel like part of the family room. These staple ingredients in our homes are where we are able to create such value and liveability for the homeowner.

Modern Families Need Larger Kitchen Spaces

Many tell me they still need a big kitchen pantry. So we’re listening. A lot of our homes now have Butlers Pantries. To house the butler! Not quite, but you too can be a star of your own My Kitchen Rules! More out of necessity really but we are even incorporating the upright freezer in there too which most Aussie households have a separate upright or chest freezer now so we’re meeting a practical need here also!

With Stroud Homes  You Can

So why not come and talk to us today. We’re simply the perfect solution to your builder-hunting woes.

At Stroud Homes – you can!

  • Want to change our plans – you can!
  • Want your home built in record time – you can!
  • Want a trouble and stress free build – you can!
  • Want superior communication from your builder – you can!

Go see the rest but definitely before you sign, come and see the best. Our inclusions are better, our quality is second to none and you won’t find a better value builder out there.

nathan-dunn-stroud-homes-Gold-CoastExperience our difference. I personally guarantee it.

Thanks for reading.

Till next time.

Yours in building.

Nathan Dunn