Storage Space in Casey

Storage Space in Casey

Planning Storage for your Home

Caleb Townsend from Stroud Homes Casey says storage is one item his customers can’t get enough of.

With a beautiful range of storage options available in the bedroom and in the kitchen, as well as customisable spaces throughout the house, customers of Stroud Homes Casey will enjoy an organised and clutter-free home.

Take a look at what Caleb has to say about planning storage in your new home.

How important is storage to your clients in Casey?

Storage space is one thing people can’t get enough of, whether it’s robes and walk-in robes in the bedrooms or the linen closet and pantry in the kitchen.

What is included in your Standard Inclusion range in your wardrobes?

All our plans come standard with robes and walk-in robes with clothes rail and shelving. If the design allows, we can change the robe into a walk-in for no extra charge.

Having a walk-in robe used to be the height of luxury, now most Stroud Homes designs feature them in their master bedrooms. Do you think this is what your customers in Casey expect?

The walk-in robe is no longer a luxury but part of the norm nowadays. We offer options such as his and hers, walk through to ensuite, open shelving and double hanging options in the robes to suit your individual needs.

What are your premium upgrade options for Robes?

We offer upgrades like built in shoe racks, pull out ironing board, hidden safe, ask me what we can offer you today!

The kitchen is another room which requires a lot of organisation. Can you change your kitchen design to suit your needs?

We have the premium inclusions list on our website for extra pot drawers and extra overhead cupboards.

If we have the space and your budget allows, I highly recommend taking advantage of putting in extra storage at the design stage rather than adding in in couple of years’ time.


If a client would like built in storage in their media rooms or living room, can you facilitate this?

Lots of clients install a bulk head (step up) around 500mm high as a TV Stand, this really highlights the room and the free feature wall.

Extra drawers under the TV will always be handy and keeps the room tidy too.

Do you think a mudroom or drop zone is the next big ‘want’ for new homes in Casey?

The Mud Room is very popular especially for the acreage homes. This is the area where you can remove muddy shoes and clothing without getting rest of the floor areas messy.

Normally, it’s fully tiled so easy to clean and the best location for it is in the laundry so out of sight and easy to clean.

What do you think is the best advice for anyone planning storage in their new home?

For a new home owner we highly recommend you assess your current storage options and compare to your new home’s plan.

At the end of the day extra storage adds value to the home and like I said before, getting things done at construction stage is always easier than renovating later.


If great storage is high on your list, give Caleb and the team from Stroud Homes Casey a call about building some beautiful spaces into your new home. Call 03 9768 9947 or send them a message below.

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