Storage To Suit Your Needs

Storage To Suit Your Needs

Planning Your Storage

“Do your research!” is Jen Draper from Stroud Homes Toowoomba’s best advice when planning storage in your new home.

From planning your walk-in robe, to rearranging kitchen drawers to increasing your garage just that little bit for added storage, the team from Toowoomba are happy to help you get the storage your family needs in your new home.

How important is storage to your clients in Toowoomba?

Very important! It’s not uncommon to add more or customise storage to suit our client’s individual needs.

When talking wardrobes, what is included in your Stroud Homes Toowoomba Standard Inclusion Range?

Depending on the plans our standard inclusions are either a build in robe with shelf and hanging space or walk-in robe with shelf and hanging space.

Having a walk-in robe used to be the height of luxury, now most Stroud Homes designs feature them in their master bedrooms. Do you think this is what your customers in Toowoomba expect?

Absolutely! The bigger, the better is common feedback for client’s master bedrooms.

What are your premium upgrade options for Robes?

Built-in shelving and drawer options are the most common upgrade. We can basically customise any robe to suit the client’s individual needs.

The kitchen is another room which requires a lot of organisation. Can you change your kitchen design to suit your needs?

Yes, you can change cabinetry layouts on our plans. I would recommend doing so in the initial stages as depending on the changes it can add or deduct costs and it’s always better to know upfront.

Do most of your clients expect Butler’s Pantries and Walk-in Pantries now?

Not so much Butlers Pantries but definitely Walk-in Pantries. The difference between the two is if there is a sink or not and, in my experience most clients don’t want a sink in there.

Is it true your double garage can fit two cars and leave room for storage?

If I was adding storage into a garage for a client, I would recommend increasing the area by 450mm to allow for sufficient walk through space. Take a look at some of our other garage add-ons:

If a client would like built-in storage in their media rooms, living room etc. can you facilitate this?

Sure can! Our new display home opening next month features this, in the meantime take a look at the Kirra 303 storage options:

What do you think is the best advice for anyone planning storage in their new home?

Do your research! And be upfront to the builders you are speaking with. It helps us provide the best possible service to you when we know exactly what you want.

Be sure to check in next month as we talk about the opening of Toowoomba’s beautiful new display home located in Highfields. If you’d like to talk to the team, drop them a line on 07 4615 4925.

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