Helping Change the Perception of Builders

Helping Change the Perception of Builders

All Builders are NOT the same!

At Stroud we want to change the general perception regarding builders as we are not all the same!

We’ve all heard the horror stories…. “I will NEVER build again”, “the MOST stressful time in our lives”, “our builder was terrible”, “we had so many defects” “we’ve been in our home for a year and its still not finished”, “it took sooooo long!” and the list goes on and on and on….

As Stroud builders, the stories that we read about people’s building journeys with other builders, on social media, hear in conversations with friends and family, and see on the news upset us greatly.  Why is it that ALL builders get tarred with the same brush?

Its Complicated – but you don’t need the stress!

Building a home is a complicated process. With so many variables there are always things that can and do go wrong along the way.  But at Stroud we don’t just focus on (or ignore) the problems, we find solutions and work closely with our customers to ensure a smooth process, every step of the way.

Here’s a few ways we ensure your build is stress-free:

  • Our team is small and customer focused. We work hard to ensure that you get a personal experience from the moment you step into our sales office.  From the day you pay your first deposit our team is working hard to get your build to council – quickly!  Our council turn arounds are generally very quick and we are always on site within 7 days approvals.
  • We stick to our contract build times! Most of our homes are built within a 16 week build time, and some many weeks quicker.  Our larger homes are built swiftly, work is scheduled in a timely manor and customers are often amazed at the progress of their homes.
  • We keep you close!  Every Friday, every customer gets a personal call to discuss the progress of their home.  What has happened during the week, what will happen the following week, and any bumps we may have come across on the way.  We believe it is so very important to keep our customers informed every step of the way!
  • Our tradespeople are consistent and loyal and produce the finest quality of work.  We contract consistent local business.  Our tradespeople know our homes, know our plans and know our expectations.  They regularly prioritise our work above other builders that they may work with.
  • Every single one of our homes is inspected by an independent building inspector.  And let me tell you these guys don’t miss a thing! The home is inspected from top to bottom, inside and out and even the smallest smudge on a wall is listed as a defect, and fixed before you move in.  That is why we are listed in the top 5% of builders by
  • When your home is finished we make you feel at home, with a personalised handover ceremony, your home comes gift wrapped and your keys personally handed to you by your construction supervisor.  By now you will have developed a great relationship with him and will be a little sad to say goodbye!
  • We check in with your regularly after you’ve moved in, just to make sure you are happy with your home.  If maintenance is required, our team attend to your needs swiftly!

Breaking the Mould Set by other Builders

At Stroud we want to break the mould that has been set by other builders.  We do things differently.  If you’ve had a bad experience with another builder or know someone that has, you can rest assured that our customers don’t feel the same.

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