Stroud Homes Ballarat:
Business as Usual

Stroud Homes Ballarat:
Business as Usual

Serving our customers and adhering to regulations

As the impact of COVID-19 is felt across Australia and across the globe, businesses are now doing what they can to stay open and service customers as usual. And for Stroud Homes Ballarat it is no different.

The team is now taking measures to keep in close communication with both existing and potential clients, while still adhering to Government regulations.

We speak to director Simon Walshe about what clients can expect during this time:

What is Stroud Homes doing to continue business as usual?

To make sure we’re taking all precautions necessary our team is now working from home.

Clients are still able to contact us at any time through phone and video calls. We are dedicated to continue with our interactive nature and want clients to know we’re here to assist in any way.

We are still able to come out and do site visits for people who want their block assessed, and are happy to talk this through with you virtually afterwards.

Will there be any changes in your business practices moving forward?

Inevitable there are some things that have already changed, and most likely more things will change as we move through this challenging time.

We have now closed our showroom as our team is working from home.

As mentioned before we are able to communicate with you virtually for any questions and updates you might have.

How are you making sure your employees are safe while still working?

Our team’s safety and well-being is of great importance to us always. We have therefore put required measures in place following the Government’s new rules.

We are currently only allowing one trade at any time on site, and are making sure everyone is following guidelines on personal hygiene and social distancing.

What technologies are you using to communicate with people?

The program we are using for virtual meetings is called Zoom and we continue to use our favourite app, Voxer.

Voxer is used for clients to see photos, videos and hear audio messages from the site supervisor regarding their home build.

These are technologies that we have been using for a while and are confident in.

Can you reassure clients who have started their build, or are in the process of starting their build, that they will proceed as usual?

We can assure our clients that we are doing all we can to proceed as planned.

We are utilising all the latest technologies  to ensure you are kept in the loop on any progress made, or any changes to your build.

For now, it is very much all steam ahead. We currently have four builds underway and are hoping for two more slab pours happening by the end of next week.

If clients feel worried about their build in these uncertain times, who can they contact to ask questions?

You can contact me, Simon, directly at any time on 0438 366 996. You can also message us on our Facebook Page.

We understand these are uncertain times with many people being at home, but this can also be a great opportunity to start thinking about your new dream home.

I am the director of Stroud Homes Ballarat and I’m more than happy to have an obligation-free chat with people who have questions about starting the building process.

Left: Simon Walshe

The Stroud Homes Ballarat team

Simon  Walshe
Simon Walshe

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