Stroud Homes Brick Façade Options

Stroud Homes Brick Façade Options

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PGH Bricks and Pavers

When starting the build of your new house, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is which building material to use. It is a decision that impacts the design aesthetics, ongoing maintenance and the overall look of the building.

One of the greatest “Australian Dreams” to endure through changing circumstances, is the desire to own one’s own home, and this dream has stood remarkably steady throughout the years, as has our love for honest, enduring and authentic clay bricks.

With brick, there are literally hundreds of colours, finishes and sizes to pick from. In the colour section studio in Stroud Homes Brisbane South’s New Beith Display Home you can get a better idea of your options and what they could look like.

Australians continue to name bricks as their most desired building material for their own home.

Stroud Homes delivers a huge range of brick façades to their customers through PGH Bricks, one of Australia’s largest clay brick manufacturers.

PGH Bricks are a Standard Inclusion in any Stroud Homes Home. And here is a recent study to prove our love affair with bricks is completely warranted.

Wildflower 274 Home Design Classic Façade

The Wildflower 274 Design With Classic Façade

Think Brick National Tracking Study

In a national tracking study commissioned in August 2018 by the industry association Think Brick, 72% of those surveyed agreed they would choose a home built with clay brick over any other material, while 83% of people currently planning to build a home are looking at brick as their building material of choice.

The study revealed that 86% of people surveyed grew up with the impression that brick is the best material to build a home with, and that bricks can create a unique look.

For investment purposes, 73% said a home built with clay bricks gives a better return on investment than any other material, while 58% cent believe a brick home reduces energy bills.

There are also all the benefits brick provides to living conditions; those surveyed reported that brick is low maintenance, keeps their home cool in summer and warmer in winter and reduces noise.

Elwood 234 Home Design Federation Façade
The Elwood 234 Design With Federation Façade

Brick Façade Options

Jai Sanderson from PGH Bricks & Pavers says, “The design and architectural choices in brick façade options have never been greater than they are today with a plethora of colours, textures and styles available.”

“The possibilities are enormous and cater to a multicultural spectrum of Australian lifestyles.” He says. “We want every Australian to be able to find their perfect brick choice to build their great Australian dream home.”

Visit the Colour Selection Studio in our New Beith Display Home for all PGH Brick choices to go with our Classic and Federation Façade options.

Stroud Homes Brisbane South Colour Selection Studio

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