Stroud Homes Brisbane East’s Endless Build Options

The possibilities are endless when deciding to build with Stroud Homes Brisbane East.

We offer customers an extensive range of build options to help make your home fully complement your lifestyle.

The  variety of add-ons includes anything to turn your home into your dream house and may include increasing the garage to a triple or quadruple garage, or even a golf cart space!

Then there are bigger options, such as attaching a granny flat or separate area for adult-kids or elderly parents.

We talk to Lisa Adams about the most popular build options available.

Popular options

“Storage is always a popular addition in the garage area,” says Lisa”

“We have a fireplace option in our soon-to-be released Asher Design and we can always add an outdoor kitchen,”

A lot of clients want to make upgrades to their garage and one popular request is to adjust the plans to make one side of the garage drive-through to gain access to the backyard.

The Kentucky 348 with Quad Garage Option

Lisa also says a big trend at the moment is attaching granny flats to the main building. This allows a separate space for kids as they grow or for parents to move in as they get older, while still maintaining some privacy.

When it comes to your wardrobes space, Stroud Homes Brisbane East provides a few choices including double hanging spaces, shoe racks, draws, and shelves.

“We can also always customise the entire space for the shopaholic that never has enough space for shoes,” adds Lisa.

Wardrobe Options

When, where and how?

It is best to decide on these options during the design phase of the process.

Some things can be easily added later on, but most need to be planned for. For instance, if you do want a outdoor kitchen, Stroud Homes Brisbane East would ensure there is gas, water and drainage to the Alfresco area.

“If these options aren’t in the budget right now, but you would love to have one in a few years, we can always prep the area for you too, so we would ensure these items are available for a future outdoor kitchen,” explains Lisa.

Outdoor kitchens can be added to any of Stroud’s home designs. “That is the benefit of having a flexible builder that really wants to make all of your dreams come true,” says Lisa.

Outdoor Kitchen Option 2

Outdoor Kitchen Options

Split-Level Designs

A Split-Level house means you have a retaining wall in the middle of your home. This can mean that you minimize the retaining or slope on the block in the front and backyards.

Stroud Homes Brisbane East can adjust most of their home designs to become a split-level home if needed.

“It is a tricky balance and can really depend on your specific land,” says Lisa.

“It does not necessarily have any cost difference, or take any longer to build if you would require retaining on the block anyway, but it can make a difference to living.”

Requesting a split-level design may mean that you will have a more manageable slope for your driveway, or a flat backyard for the kids to play in.

Miami 270 Portico (Split Level) Façade
The Miami 270 Split-Level Design

Kentucky Display Home

The Fire Pit Lounge Option

More build options

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