Stroud Homes Build Pet Friendly Homes

Stroud Homes Build Pet Friendly Homes


Furry family members

For many people nowadays the family pet is a precious addition to the home and many are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the furry family member is looked after in the best way possible.

But sometimes our four legged friends can cause damage to our new home and interior, and it’s therefore important to take them into consideration when planing for your new home.

At Lockyer Valley, around half of Stroud Homes’ builds are for families with pets and they are absolutely considered as part of the build process.

“They are part of the family so the house has to suit their needs too,” explains Ben Glyde from Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley.

We chat to Ben about the different options pet owners have when building their, and their pet’s, dream home.


Pet clever solutions

Besides installing proper fencing to keep your dog or cat (or other type of pet) safe, Stroud Homes can also install kennels or create spaces under stairs to set up an area just for pets.

For people that might want to keep an eye on their friend while at work or away, Stroud can also wire your home to have cameras so you can watch your furry family members, even when you aren’t there.

When it comes to the various options for your pet, it really is limited only by the home owners imagination.

Pet friendly interior options:

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“If you do have indoor pets, we always recommend staying away from our carpet options and instead going with either tiles or vinyl planking,” says Ben.

Tiles and vinyl planking are easy to clean up if your pet does have an accident indoors, and their claws can’t get stuck in the carpet loops.

Most other flooring types will work for most pets, with vinyl and tiles being the most popular options with pet owners.

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When it comes to walls, both dogs and cats are known to scratch and rub up against them, so make sure you consider your choice carefully to save yourself the headache of having to repair them later on.

“We would certainly recommend staying away from wallpapers and sticking with paint for the walls if you think there is a possibility that your pet will cause damage to them over time,” explains Ben.

“It’s easier to repaint a patch on the wall then it is to wallpaper the entire area again.”

You could also consider a hydrophobic product, such as Future Shield, which will protect your walls with an invisible layer, that also makes cleaning a lot easier, according to Ben.

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And don’t forget about the bathroom!

“I have a dog, and she hates cold water, so when it’s time to give her a bath, we have to bring her inside and use warm water, normally in the bathtub.

Having floor to ceiling tiles makes it much easier to clean the bathroom after the dog has had her bath,” adds Ben.


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Safe and sound

Something that not a lot of people think about is making sure you have enough storage, especially storage up high that little hands and paws are unable to get to.

Safety is important in all our homes, even if you don’t have children or pets. There are safety regulations for anything you may try to design in the home.

For instance, laundry chutes must be at least one metre off the ground, window heights are also carefully placed and types of windows changed, especially of double storey homes.

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