Stroud Homes Bundaberg Wins MBA Award!

Stroud Homes Bundaberg Wins MBA Award!

Stroud Homes Bundaberg are proud to announce they won the Master Builders Award for their Display Home at Eli Waters:

  • Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards Queensland – Display Homes Up To $250,000 – Wildflower 190

Aletha Walters from Stroud Homes Bundaberg said, “We are super excited about our win.” After completing their first display home in Eli Waters around 15 months ago, the team put their display into the regional awards for the Masters Builders Award for Display Homes up to $250,000. After taking out the regional awards, they also won the state awards which will see them attending the national awards in November.

The winning design is the Wildflower 190 and a lot of thought and research went into the design. Aletha found that most people in the area didn’t have a spare $800,000 lying around to build a big fancy house which is what most display homes in the area were about. This got the team thinking and so born was the hugely successful but easy on the pocket, Wildflower 190.

Aletha says, “What’s really great about Stroud Homes and their display homes is what you see is what you get.” Aletha found that instead of people saying they’d have to win lotto to afford a new home, her customers said, “Wow, I can actually afford this.” Building a home that their community can actually afford to build really excites the Stroud Homes Bundaberg team.

Stay tuned to hear about how Bundaberg fares at the nationals!  If you’d like to chat to Stroud Homes Bundaberg, please call 0429 820 707.