Stroud Homes can unlock the potential of a difficult site

Stroud Homes can unlock the potential of a difficult site


Problematic blocks

As more and more people are realising just how great it is to call the Gold Coast home, developers are revisiting locations previously considered too expensive to develop.

Some of the more popular suburbs to build in recently are located on the southern end, with places like Palm Beach, Currumbin Waters and Elanora experiencing growth in activity, but still with reasonable site prices.

But with land prices on a steady rise, an increasing percentage of developments and home sites are either sloping or otherwise ‘problematic’.

“Some larger project builders won’t even look at sloping sites – they simply don’t want to think that hard, and that’s fine too,” says Stroud Homes Gold Coast South Salesperson Chris Chan.

“These sites definitely do require more careful thought – from both builders and buyers.”

But here’s the payoff: for the right buyer, challenging sites will result in stunning homes that truly reflect your personality and adds to how you and your family live.


Innovative designs

“As a potential buyer you really need to do your homework before committing to these more challenging sites,” says Chris.

As a buyer, you’ll also need to grasp the complexities of these more ‘interesting’ sites, and a big part of that is working in close consultation with a builder and designer who is happy to work with you and with the challenges of that particular site.

The right combination of unique site and innovative design can result in a truly unique home – and one that a standard home on a typical block simply can’t match.

Sloping sites aren’t right for everyone, of course. But the more important question is whether they’re right for you.

And whether your builder can work with that site to create a home that captures all your requirements and reflects your personal style. And bring it all in on budget.

If you have purchased or are looking to purchase a block that is sloping, you can contact Stroud for a free site inspection and have your options evaluated for your home and get advice on the best solution.


Stroud’s Expertise

At Stroud Homes Gold Coast, ‘unique blocks’ is one of the team’s specialties.

“We will listen to your exact needs and tastes and go through your ‘Look Book’ with you,” explains Chris.

“We’ll ask who will be using certain spaces, and how – all in the course of drawing a home that best meets your family’s needs while maximising the site.”

With testimonials and industry awards to back the compnay up, Stroud Homes Gold Coast South is quietly confident that the team can bring your dreams to life on even the most challenging of sites.

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