Stroud Homes Cardinia – Your Knock Down Rebuild Specialist

Stroud Homes Cardinia – Your Knock Down Rebuild Specialist

“There are many reasons as to why people choose to knock down and rebuild, however the most common reason is location,” says Stroud Homes Cardinia Sales Consultant Mahala Hughes.

“Often you may have the ideal block but not the ideal home.”

In most cases it is difficult to achieve the ideal home when renovating as you are restricted and costs can blow out.

When you knock down your existing dwelling to construct an entirely new one, you can design what you want. “It’s a blank canvas in your ideal location,” adds Mahala.

We have a chat to her about knock down rebuilds in Cardinia.

What are the benefits of a knock down rebuild?

The benefits are endless and can vary from case to case.

The main benefit is the floorplan or design. This will not only increase the value of your property but also improve your way of living. You can also reap the benefits of a brand new home.


What are the challenges of a knock down rebuild?

A challenge when taking on a knock down rebuild can be the footings. Where the old home used to sit opposed to where the new home will be constructed.

This is something that can be carefully planned and designed accordingly.

When deciding whether to renovate or knock down and rebuild, what should people ask themselves?

When considering to knock down rebuild, the first thing is to consult an expert. Ask a builder to complete a free site evaluation – we do this throughout the Cardinia area.

This gives you a better understanding of the scope of works, what you can potentially build and how much it will cost.

What usually ends up costing more – rebuilding or renovating?

Usually renovating costs more in most cases. There is a high level of risk, a large amount of time and cost blow-outs associated with renovating.

In what case should you definitely NOT opt for a knockdown rebuild?

We have not had an instance where a knock down rebuild was not suitable. We work with both the council (if planning is required) and the client in order to achieve the overall desired vision.

Right from the start we determine the costs involved before signing a contract so you know whether or not it is within budget.

If I had to pinpoint a reason as to why someone would opt not to knock down rebuild, I would say this will be associated with budget. If it is a very low budget, or return on investment, is not there for the location. Then a simple renovation might be the key to success.

Do new homes depreciate less than existing dwellings?

A new home is certainly more valuable than an existing home. An existing home will depreciate before a new home does.

What sort of warranty do you offer clients who requests a knock down rebuild?
  • We offer a number of warranties and guarantees, please see our guarantees for more information.
  • 7-year warranty
  • 12-month maintenance
  • All warranties associated with new appliances


If you are interested in knocking down your existing home and building anew, contact Mahala at the Cardinia office on 0448 420 405 today!

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