Stroud Homes Casey Offers FREE Custom Floor Plan Design Consultations

Stroud Homes Melbourne North Customised for your family

Stroud Homes Casey Offers FREE Custom Floor Plan Design Consultations

Stroud Homes Casey has recognised a growing need to offer customised designs for new home builders as the standard plans don’t always suit their block size, their needs, and/or their budget.

“Some new home buyers don’t want the same standard designs but want a unique home design that they have had a good deal of input in creating,” says New Home Specialist Cathy Arbon.

Designing your own floor plan or redesigning an already existing plan with Stroud Homes Casey is included in the all inclusive price, and you won’t be charged any extra.


Plan Design Consultation

During the consultation, one of Stroud Home Casey’s team members will sit with the client and discuss the four important elements in designing a new home:

  1. Location – This is important as it will determine the flavour of the home. If you have acreage, then we would look at a different type of home than what we would design in a suburb or on a block in a greenfield estate.
  2. Size – How many bedrooms, living rooms, garage spaces etc.
  3. Functionality – What functions does the home need, what factors are important to you for a building to function as a home.
  4. Budget – Most of us need to work to a budget when planning a new home. The team has a good understanding of designing something whilst keeping budget in mind. Some home designers are usually very creative, however, in some cases the design can easily become a costly project.

Your new home design specialist

Stroud Homes Casey has a team of three New Home Design Specialists in the Stroud Homes Casey office.

Each of the team members have a unique set of experience, and when collaborating, the team has the ability to create and design the dream home for any unique circumstance and client.

When working with Stroud Homes Casey, you’re offered three design appointments to ensure that you are happy, and that you capture everything you would like to create the perfect floor plan.

“The reason we offer multiple appointments is so that it gives you time to go away and assess the original plan/idea and make as many changes to it as possible until you are happy and satisfied with it,” explains Cathy.

“When you come in for your second appointment then we go over your list of changes and then on the third appointment we finalise everything so that the drafting team can start on your external and internal elevations.

Stroud Homes Melbourne North Customised for your lifestyle

Existing plans

Not all clients want to create their own design, and for those who don’t, Stroud Homes has a wide variety of designs to choose from as well as additional build options.

Stroud Homes combined have over 90 fantastic floor plans to choose from.

Some of the plans are Queensland based so some amendments might be required to suit Victorian regulations.

“We do also offer the opportunity to customise any of our already existing plans,” says Cathy.

“So for instance if you love the kitchen and living areas in one design, but the master bedroom and media room in another – we can definitely combine the two to deliver the home of your dreams.”

Caleb Townsend
Caleb Townsend

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