Stroud Homes Casey Supports the Lang Lang Footy Club

Stroud Homes Casey Supports the Lang Lang Footy Club


The Lang Lang Football Club

Stroud Homes is a group of licensed and local builders who are great supporters of their local communities and give back wherever possible. In Lang Lang south-east of Melbourne, the local footy club has had a tough run.

Together with other local supporters, Stroud Homes Casey has over a period of time been involved in the project of relocating the club to a new training facility.

This is just one of many reasons why Stroud Homes is a trusted builder in the area, with an increasing client base year on year.

Chris Brew, Lang Lang Football Club President tells us what Stroud Homes support can mean to a small local sports club.


The power of community support

Previously the club’s training facility was located at the Lang Lang showgrounds, which unfortunately left the club to contend with various events which obviously had to take priority over football training.

Due to the various agricultural events held at the showgrounds the fields were less than ideal for training and as a result also dangerous for the players.

Thanks to community involvement and support from local sponsors, in the coming days the club will be moving into their new sports precinct called the Lang Lang Community Recreation Reserve.

“By having our own modern facility this is seen to be the opportunity for the dawning of a new era, a place we can go and be proud of, a place where we can be the envy of our community and a place we can genuinely call our home,” says Chris.

“For Stroud Homes Casey to be involved in our local community it shows a level of care for the community.”


Stroud support

Lang Lang is a rapidly expanding town with several new land developments being released and new people moving to the town constantly. The footy club was looking for a building company to form a major partnership with moving forward.

Anthony from ASM Slabs had been a contractor for some time with Stroud Homes Casey and recommended Stroud as a quality builder. That’s where the conversation started.

By supporting the local football and netball club, Stroud Homes Casey is aligning itself with a club that is heavily focussed on improving and developing it’s junior program, as well as a club that will host in excess of 10,000 community people through the entry gates in 2020.

“By being involved with our football and netball club as a major partner, Stroud Homes Casey is supporting the junior development of young footballers and netballers as well,” adds Chris.

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The New Precinct

The land where the new $13 million facility is now situated was bought by the local community bank branch of Lang Lang. The plan had been in the pipeline for several years prior to 2014 but to that point most attempts to purchase land for a new sports precinct had hit constant dead ends.

The land would later be gifted to the Cardinia Council and a partnership formed between our local bank, the Cardinia Council and the Federal Government to all contribute a combined $13 million plus to produce a dual-oval facility which would be the pride of the region.

In 2016 it was formally announced that a timeline had been set, with an aim to be playing sport there for the beginning of the winter season of 2019.

“There have been several challenges and delays along the way, but come March 28th 2020 when we hold our first ever game at the new facility, I’m sure all of these challenges will be forgotten,” says Chris.

Stage 2 of the project, hoped to commence in the coming years, will see tennis courts, a soccer ground, as well as a third football oval installed.

Then stage 3 sees vast new parks and walking riding tracks which will lead in and out of the Lang Lang township itself. In 10 to 20 years time, this could be a truly amazing precinct.

The initiative is important for not only the club, but the whole community of sporting clubs.

Thank you to Stroud Homes Casey for supporting the local community!

Caleb Townsend
Caleb Townsend

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