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The popularity of knockdown rebuilds

Due to popular demand and frequent enquiries, we decided to explain more in depth how a knockdown rebuild can work for you and your block. Read our previous article here: Knock-Down-Rebuilds on the Rise in Casey

The benefits to knockdown rebuilds

There are many benefits to knocking down your old house and building anew.

One of the main benefits is that the owner has the opportunity to design a new home taking into consideration all of their needs as a home owner, rather than compromising with restrictions that may arise when designing around a current dwelling.

Being able to stay in your preferred location on the block you love is also an appealing factor for many clients says Stroud Homes Casey New Homes Specialist Cathy Arbon.

Location, location, location

“The beauty of the knockdown rebuild is keeping your location,” says Cathy.

“If you love the location of where you currently reside, and you have the luxuries of schools, work and shopping precincts in your vicinity, it makes perfect sense to stay in the same place.”

In most cases, to buy available land, home owners may need to consider relocating to the outer suburbs where land developments are available, and the distance may not always suit the home owner.

In some rare cases there may be an odd block that happens to be in the area that you wish to live. The only downfall to that is the land will be priced at today’s exorbitant prices, whereas if you build on your current land, there are no additional costs for increased land prices.

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Your knockdown rebuild specialist

The process of a knockdown rebuild (KDR) can sometimes be overwhelming for a home owner. That is why employing the services of a company like Stroud Homes Casey, who specialises in KDRs can take the challenge out of the experience.

Stroud Homes Casey has an experienced team that can guide a new home owner every step of the way.

“We can look after everything from the demolition, designing your new home and even putting you in the right direction in regards to town planning permits,” says Cathy.

“We can also assist you with finding a reputable real estate agent to help with locating an appropriate rental whilst you build, and with removalists and furniture storage if it’s needed.”

What to think about

There is a lot to consider before a home owner can start the KDR process, as it may not be for everyone.

The main thing to take into consideration is what is important to the home owner, and work out the pros and cons of building a new home versus renovating your old.

“Renovations, in some cases, can blow out in regards to budget,” says Cathy. “Whereas when building with Stroud Homes, we are working with a fixed price contract, so no nasty surprises. ”

Other things to consider:

  1. Finance – Be sure that this option is financially viable for you. Speak to a reputable lender and weigh up your options.
  2. Council approval – Checking with Council prior for things like heritage listed homes, or building restrictions that won’t allow you to build your dream home, is also a very important step to take.
  3. Organisation – Making sure you are mentally ready to take the plunge, it can be a lengthy process and requires some regular input.

According to Cathy, in most cases, any improvements to a home will always add value to your property and hold its value for longer than an older existing home.

This however is dependent on many factors such as the area you’re in and which type of home you currently own or are planning to build.


For more information about knock down rebuilds, please don’t hesitate to contact the Casey team by calling 0420 942 177

Caleb Townsend
Caleb Townsend

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