Stroud Homes Clients Deb & Gav’s Wildflower 300

Stroud Homes Clients Deb & Gav’s Wildflower 300


Sad news results in urgent action

After hearing the devastating news about their client Deb’s terminal illness in early November last year, Stroud Homes Melbourne North builders Annette and David Kirby decided to do what they could to get Deb and her husband Gavin into their new house in time for Christmas.

“After Annette had heard the news from Deb’s daughter, we decided to sit down and work out what we needed to do to get this couple in their home within the six week left before the holidays,” explains David.

“The house was supposed to be handed over in March-April, but was brought forward so this family could spend a wonderful Christmas in their dream home.”

This is a great testament to Stroud Homes Melbourne North’s devotion to their clients and the local community, as well as their good relationships with professional trades and suppliers in the area.


Deb & Gav’s Wildflower 300

Deb and Gav had initially started building their new home with another local builder, but after being knocked around a bit with various price changes and a slow process, the couple decided to look elsewhere.

Gavin spotted a sign for Stroud Homes in Hidden Valley and decided to give David a call.

“From that first conversation it was fairly evident that David knew what he was doing, and that we were on the right track,” said Gavin. “The whole process has been seamless from start to finish.”

Deciding to fully focus on getting the house ready in time, David started contacting all the needed trades and suppliers in the area, and discovered that people were more than happy to help.

“Everyone I contacted was on board as soon as I explained the situation,” says David. “As you can imagine most people and companies were very busy around this time, but made it a priority to help out Deb and Gav.”

Thanks to everyone’s tremendous effort on the build, David and Annette were able to hand over the keys to the Wildflower 300 on December 17. On the day, Stroud Homes had invited a camera crew, along with Deb and Gav’s family and most of the trades involved.

“As we walked down the driveway, everything took us by surprise, and as we walked into the house, it was even more overwhelming and more than anyone could ever expect” says Deb.


The build

Taking over after the first company, David learned the block had a steep slope on it and decided to modify the Wildflower 300 Classic into a split level design.

The nature of the slope block required a bit of extra work, but luckily this process was already completed when the news of Deb’s illness came in.

The couple also wanted to make sure the house was bright enough internally, and decided to add a skylight window to let in more natural light.

The Wildflower is a perfect home design for the Australian lifestyle with flowing, connected living areas, and a  generous ensuite which opens up to the main bedroom.

Do you have a sloping block?

David and Stroud Homes Melbourne North is a very experienced builder in this area, and love the challenge of a sloping block.

We’re a compassionate, family business, always open to new ideas.  Our sales manager Mark Booth will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have.

Deb & Gav’s Review of Stroud Homes Melbourne North:

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