Stroud Homes Coffs Harbour Surprises Everyone

Stroud Homes Coffs Harbour Surprises Everyone

It’s been just over a month since Yarren Henwood of Stroud Homes Coffs Harbour opened his doors and started talking to locals about building their dream home, and even he’s surprised at how well things have gone.

He was expecting things to grow slowly, but there’s already 4 houses in the works just 7 weeks in from opening.

“I was really aiming to get 6 in the first 12 months, and I’ve got 4 in 7 weeks,” Yarren says.

“I guess a couple more sales would be nice, but the main goal now is to get a slab or two down.”

It’s not just the traffic that was unexpected, but also the kinds of home designs that have been popular.

“I was expecting to get a lot of stuff in close to Coffs in the estates, things like our townhouses, but at the moment we’ve got three going on acreages and only one in town.

“The acreage designs have really attracted quite a few people, I don’t think there’s much in those sorts of designs around.

“What Stroud offers is good to the market and people seem to be keen to have a bit of space – I’ve been pretty surprised by that.”

With three acreages going up in the coming months, people have been flocking to the Kentucky and the Montego ranges of acreage home designs.

Montego 287 Skillion FaçadeMontego 287 Skillion Façade Acreage Design

The other thing that’s been attracting people is the level of customer service the Stroud Homes office can deliver, from the application process down to answering simple questions quickly.

“It’s so easy with the software and systems we have, we can provide answers to questions pretty quickly, and quote prices quickly too.

“I think the customer service is what’s brought in the sales so far – being able to keep people reasonably happy, with clear communication and everything.

“As far as the standard inclusions goes, everything’s pretty straight forward and easy, so you can see what you’re getting, which is a big thing for people buying a home.”

If you’re looking at building a new home in Coffs Harbour, or even if you’re still working out whether you want to build or buy, drop into the Coffs Harbour display centre for a chat with Yarren and the team.