Stroud Homes Extensive Range of Build Options

Stroud Homes Extensive Range of Build Options

Options to suit your lifestyle & budget

Stroud Homes Sydney South West offers customers an extensive range of build options to help make your home fully complement your lifestyle.

“At Stroud homes Sydney South West, we are flexible with your building options as we believe you have to love your dream home,” says New Homes Sales Consultant Yousef Asic.

When you build with Stroud Homes Sydney South West, the team likes to make the process of building your home just as exiting as moving-in day.

The team will get all structural changes done during the two drafting appointments provided to all clients. Then you also have a two-hour colour selection session to make any design changes to the house.

display centre

The Stroud Homes Sydney South West Display Centre at 793 Fifteenth Avenue Kemps Creek

Build & design 0ptions

Some of the build options & home designs Stroud Homes offers are:


Split level designs

Stroud Homes also offers split level designs.

A split level design is a great option if you have a sloping block as it means you will have less excavation and fill, less retaining wall and a gentler sloping driveway.

“We sometimes recommend that it is good to work with the contours in the block instead of against it due to the amount of site costs that can be involved in some of these sloped blocks, explains Yousef.”

A split level design also gives you an interesting interior with separating living areas.

A selection of our Split Levels

Wardrobe space options

Stroud Homes Sydney South West knows the customers often have specific requirements when it comes to their wardrobe design and layout.

The team includes a full set-out in all wardrobes as a Standard Inclusion, including 3 Shelves, 3 draws, a hanging rail and a top shelf.

However, this is not to say that the company doesn’t allow clients to customise their wardrobes as they want.

Stroud Homes will work together with the client and the supplier to accommodate  this.

Outdoor kitchen options

“The most popular and most ‘upgradable’ part in the house that we see is our clients’ kitchen, as the kitchen is the hub of the home and this is the place where most people will upgrade,” says Yousef.

Even an outdoor kitchen can be done for the client if requested during the planning stage of the build.

The outdoor kitchen will then be priced in with the build. Stroud Homes Sydney South West can also do the provisions for the water and gas for a future outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Option 1


If you thinking of creating the perfect home for your family in the area, the Stroud Homes Sydney South West team are happy to help. Give them a call on 02 9606 9896.

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Yousef Asic
Yousef Asic

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