Stroud Homes Fraser Coast’s Annual Tree Planting

Stroud Homes Fraser Coast’s Annual Tree Planting

Fifteen trees for every home built

When you build with Stroud Homes Fraser Coast, you’re also helping the environment as the team plants 15 trees for every home being built.

“We pride ourselves on being as environmentally friendly as we can,” says Sales Manager Aletha Walters.

“We understand the impact that construction has on our renewable resources and want to support reforestation as much as we can.”

Planting trees

Stroud Homes Bundaberg & Fraser Coast opened in 2015 and have been planting annually since that time.

We have donated over $10,000 during this period to give back to regeneration in our local area,” adds Aletha. “We are proud of this investment.”

“We planted over 700 trees alone this year with the assistance of local Landcare Groups and other local businesses.”


Three years ago, Stroud Homes Fraser Coast jumped on board with the Greenfleet initiative in the area, which is an amazing organisation that purchases land with the intent to replant and regenerate those important areas.

Greenfleet is currently part of the ‘Cut the Glow‘ initiative with the Bundaberg Regional Council that has resulted in land being purchased directly behind Mon Repo, Australia’s largest turtle nesting area.

The Cut the Glow initiative is about cutting the suburban light that is impacting and confusing the turtles which come to the area to lay eggs.

They are educating the region and providing a direct impact by planting trees along this to provide a curtain type result for the beach.

Giving back

Aletha says the initiative is important as it is providing a feel-good education, not just to the staff, but to the local community.

“This is an initiative that makes us proud to be involved and giving back where we can,”

“We have always tried to give back where we can – wherever possible and we are going to continue this for many years to come.”

Each year the team come along for the day and spend approximately six hours planting trees.

ForestLink Reforestation Initiative

ForestLink works with forestry experts to identify suitable projects to become involved in and is funded directly from Stroud Homes contributions.

For every house Stroud Homes build, 15 trees are planted, as well as contributing to the preparation of the planting site.

The ForestLink reforestation projects involve more than just planting trees. ForestLink contributions are also used to:

  • Control exotic weeds pre-plant
  • Control grass and weeds around newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Application of soil wetting agents

Please note that the ForestLink program does not plant trees on Stroud Homes customer’s land. Plantings take place on larger scale reforestation projects.

Learn about our building techniques designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – Building Homes and the Natural Environment.

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Matt Hunn

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