Stroud Homes Gold Coast North Can Customise Plans to Suit YOU!

Stroud Homes Gold Coast North Can Customise Plans to Suit YOU!

The Right Home Design for You

At Stroud Homes Gold Coast North, the team always goes the extra mile to ensure all clients walk away happy, and with the home of their dreams.

Unlike other builders, the company is happy to change original plans to suit your block, your budget and your needs.

Find out about more ways you can modify your plans with Stroud Homes Gold Coast North.

Granny Flats

Stroud Homes has special expertise in designing and building attached granny flats.

It’s is not uncommon for the Gold Coast North builders to customise their acreage designs or to modify any of the two storey homes to attach granny flats or teenager retreats.

The best thing about these granny flats is how they integrate with the overall home. From the outside you don’t even notice the house contains a separate dwelling. Attached granny flats are designed to fit seamlessly with most of Stroud’s home designs.

Stroud Homes Wildflower 190 & Granny Flat
The Wildflower 190 plus attached granny flat classic façade

By altering the orientation of the flat you can either maximise privacy or increase interaction between the occupants.

The additional living space provided by a granny flat can be oriented so that the living areas of both dwellings face each other, or mirrored so that the occupants each have their own entryways and enjoy greater privacy.


Wildflower 190 & Granny Flat Floor Plan

The Wildflower 190 plus attached granny flat floor flan

More Stroud Advantages

More than just building granny flats for their clients, Stroud Homes Gold Coast North offers their clients an array of services that sets them apart form other builders.

Stroud Homes Offers:

Recently Completed Homes

Here’s a great opportunity to view our 3D walkthroughs of the Stroud Homes Gold Coast finished homes and learn about the features and options that will inspire your own plans for a new home:

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