Stroud Homes Ipswich Offer FREE Site Evaluations

Stroud Homes Ipswich Offer FREE Site Evaluations

Understanding Your Land

A site evaluation can help to give you a better understanding of exactly what would be required to build on a specific lot.

Stroud Homes Ipswich New Homes Consultants and Site Supervisors are experienced in looking at a block and figuring out the amount of slope, if retaining will be required, what the access to the block is like and if all of the services are installed or if additional works need to be done.

They can also give you a good idea of the best orientation for your house, and where any additional structures, such as pools or sheds, would be best located.

Free Site Evaluation

A site evaluation report can potentially cost hundreds of dollars upfront. Not doing one at all can end up costing thousands in additional works that you didn’t know about or weren’t informed of when you purchased or were looking at the block.

“More often then not clients will come in with what they believe to be a cheap block, but once we explain to them the additional cost of building on it, they would be better off selecting a different block anyway,” says Stroud Homes Ipswich General Manager Tom Sachs.

Some builders do charge for a site evaluation report, however Stroud Homes believes that coming and discussing what you are looking to achieve on your block is all part of the service we provide and we are more than happy to do this as a complementary visit.

When, Where and How?

The site evaluation is done right at the very start, typically in the initial stages prior to a preliminary agreement.

Stroud Homes urges you to give New Homes Consultant Peter Woolgar a call on 0447 787 683 to organise your site evaluation as soon as you have found a block you like the look of.

Peter will then meet with you out on site to conduct your site evaluation.

If he believes the site may impose extra problems or needs a second opinion, he may ask our site supervisor Michael to come along.

A site evaluation gives you the key information on which to compare one block against another, and can provide important information about:

  • contours
  • possible bushfire risks
  • noise issues
  • soil type.

This is a completely FREE offer and just yet another way Stroud Homes helps you, the homebuyer, make the best buying decision.

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Peter Woolgar

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