Stroud Homes is all about Façades

Stroud Homes is all about Façades

Choosing the right exterior for your home is not an easy feat!

First impressions do matter, so choosing the right façade and giving your home the right kerb appeal can not only increase the value of a house, but it also sets the tone for the entire home.

There’s a myriad of option out there today, and Stroud Homes customers now have more new home façades to choose from than ever before, with the all new Hamptons façade addition also available.

We speak to Stroud Homes Wollongong’s Travis Butler about the different ‘faces’ you can put on your new home.


Stroud & Proud Façades

While Stroud Homes has a large collection of home designs for you to choose from, each home design also has a number of façade options, changing the external look, and sometimes the internal dimensions.

According to Travis, the most popular façade in the Wollongong region among his clients is the Mountain Façade.

The Mountain façade features both brick and wood in a unique mix, which is what makes it so appealing.

“The Mountain façade is really popular with our clients and when driving through Wollongong the brick/wood feature really stands out among other house façades,” says Travis.

“Traditional brick is still a popular choice and with an added touch of render it’s an even more updated look.”

Take a look at some of our great classic façades below:

One design, many façades – The Wildflower 256

Browse through Stroud Homes’ Wildflower 256 design below, which comes in a wide selection of façades:

Avoca 227 Hamptons Façade

What to think about

Once you know which floor plan suits your requirements you can then select your façade to complete the look of your home inside and out.

However before looking at façade inspiration, there’s a few thing to consider:

  • The surrounding landscape. If your home is located in a very lush and green environment, make sure it will not clash with the colours you choose.
  • The kerb appeal. If you plan to sell the home down the track, it may be best to avoid dramatic façades. While you may love it, it could turn potential buyers off purchasing your home.
  • The price. Some façades are more pricey than others, make sure you know what you’re paying for.
  • Estate restriction. Each estate has different house design and façade restrictions so make sure you are aware before purchasing your lot.
  • The interior. Your exterior and interior design should be consistent, so make sure your façade is reflective of what you want inside your home!
Custom house plans service

Customise with Stroud Homes

Most of Stroud Homes Wollongong’s new home designs come with three to four façade options says Travis.

However, with being a flexible builder, you can customise, upgrade or change any façade option to your liking.

If you’re looking to build your new family home, take the time to talk to Travis and the team at Wollongong about design and façade options and how they can help you create a home that you’re proud to return to each day.

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